The Year in Review

Everyone amps up their nostalgia and reminisces about the year just past this time of year. My way is typically not the way of the herd, however this year I will join in and give you my perspective. I decided to review the year also; the year I chose, however, will be 1973. Chocolate malts, … Continue reading The Year in Review


Morning snow

Here are some pictures of our snow this morning....I would guess we received about 5-6 inches overnight. Maybe 9-10 inches total.  This is from west of St Hilaire, Minnesota. Here is what I plan to stare at this morning before I go out and feed the cattle or this


I will be home for most of the impending storm. I plan to blog from our farm west of St Hilaire, Minnesota a little about the storm and snap a few pictures of our cattle and maybe a view from the tractor as I blow snow. It's a White Christmas!!! ick