Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

I am embattled and tired, but still I stand. Dave, I wish I had some experience to back up that dramatic opening but it’s really just another summer for me. Lots of projects, lots of rain and lots of repairs.

You probably read about my time in the hell and the mud of our own yard. Maybe we shouldn’t have started digging in water pipe that day, but we did and it was a mess. I need someone to needlepoint a doily with the phrase, “never dig when it’s threatening rain.” Although if a person is going spend their life waiting for perfect conditions, you will spend your life-waiting. Another nice project for someone would be a picture of me stuck two feet deep in mud, also captioned, with, “discretion is the better part of valor.” I believe we will finish that project this week, successfully, so maybe time will cover these memories; check with me this winter.

I heard you had some rain the last few week’s, Dave. I know that is an understatement but victims of mother nature need to play-down the importance of her hurtful actions to limit the hurt; perhaps we should have an intervention for this old girl. We could tell her that her actions have affected us negatively and that if her conduct does not improve she will no longer be welcome in our lives. The wheat seems to have survived several inches of rain, however the soybeans look a little peaked. Most of the farmers around here are already spraying deep ruts into their fields as there is no choice but to act when the sun shines.

I like to do a little work after supper, Dave. I recently did a little repair work on the cattle waterer well after dark. Lloyd Noreen always told me to limit my work after nightfall as that is when you break things and get hurt (gotta get that in needlepoint too.) I completed a little work one night that required me to shut off the unit that powers our cattle fence. After completion, I should have turned it back on; I guess I was too focused on sleep to remember fencers don’t work when not plugged into an electrical socket. Two days later, Lisa and a little steer were out on the road having a conversation about respecting boundaries and how the steer must respect his. It was easy to put him back inside the fence but that is not the point. Here’s the thing; I build good fence because I believe strong fences make good neighbors. Twice I have left the fencer unplugged this spring and twice my fences have lacked strength which is really embarrassing. I hope I am still a good neighbor.

That John Deere skid steer I brought home has worked out nicely for us. I know it is the wrong brand but I put that Case/IH sticker you gave me on the side of it which really dressed it up. The lovely field of green against the white Case/IH letters creates an uncomfortable romance that would rival that of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet.

Dave, I am sending my letter in a bit last today because I had to clean the mud from my hands that indicates a finished project. Larry Kruse (Kruse Backhoe-St Hilaire, Mn) was over this morning with his grandson and together we finished our cattle well project. I love it when a plan comes together.

You’re little bro

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