Going back to Gully

My daytrips usually involve exotic locales such as Carrington, North
Dakota to visit my brother or even so far-flung a location as Austin,
Minnesota to pick-up something I purchased on eBay. This week I made
a ½ daytrip and discovered a nice little town I used to know pretty

1985 was an exciting time for me. I had my first job in radio at the
Fosston station. I sold advertising during the day and one of my most
productive stops was the little town of Gully, Minnesota. Although tiny, Gullyhad several productive businesses that purchased regular radio
advertising and so I stopped pretty often. One of my visits was the
Gully Elevator where Vern Iverson and Vern Wold (“the Verns” music group)played a very good, old-time music show in the break room. I drank coffee and listened a couple of times and really enjoyed their hospitality. I also liked the café back then but made so little money from my work that I
rarely purchased more than pie.

This week I came to Gully to rent the cooperative’s “Gopher Getter.”
The ‘getter is a machine which plows a tunnel into the ground for
pesky gophers and at the same time leaves tasty treats for them
suitable for a last supper. I arrived from the North and could
clearly see Gully a few miles towards the horizon under a light mist
floating above the peat fields. There is a definite transition from
prairie to pine which culminates at West St Paul Avenue and Main
Street on Gully’s north side. When I returned the implement to the
co-op, I came in from south of Gully which meant I rode the hills
along State Highway 92. This is the land I always imagine when I think of
good cattle ground; rolling and grassy with little ravines for
watering and a corral.

I was impressed by business in Gully. There was an elevator,
lumberyard, hardware store, c-store and even a little bar. My left
elbow is permanently crooked from constant coffee drinking so I
stopped at the c-store for something to bolster my trip home. They
offered me free coffee but I always feel free coffee is for regulars
so I left them a dollar. The coffee was good, way better than the
quality suggested by its price. I walked around the hardware store
for a little while and found it equipped well-enough that I could
imagine no household emergency in which I wouldn’t be able to find
supplies for repair. It should also be mentioned that this tiny
little town was the only place I could find a “gopher getter” and the
manager said they’ve had people from as far away as Argyle come to
rent the machine.

I’m safely at home now and having sown my wild oats on another
daytrip that was about as unlike anything Hunter S Thompson ever
tried, I feel no more need to roam. Should I ever again need mild
adventure, or a gopher getter, I shall return to the nice little
productive town of Gully.

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