Christmas in Five Acts


Act I Lazy Christmas

My work ethic has not shown itself this Christmas. I am unusually lazy
and have not done much about the season. Lisa did most of the
decorating and I only recently began buying presents. Maybe it is the
lack of snow, maybe it is the fact I have been working nights for
better than three months and have finally become numb. It’s kind of a
shame, I usually try baking something different each year or
performing some act that makes it memorable, so far I’ve just-slept.

Act II Waking up

I realized when I awoke yesterday afternoon that I needed to get busy
or Christmas may pass by me without notice. Now, I have ruminated
fairly often about the birth of Jesus and the true meaning of
Christmas so I’ve got that going for me. However, I do enjoy other
traditions that remind me to remember the season. I’ve ordered most
of my Christmas gifts and recently dug through a closet for the toy
train we use to circle the Christmas tree. I am that sleeping giant who has now awakened and is filled with-Christmas cheer.


Act III The Card

Lisa and I have always been fairly reactive as far as giving Christmas cards. Recently we have become quite proactive about sending cards which has been an adjustment for me. It is almost as though we’ve gone from being the people who arrive late to church and sneak into the back pew to jumping around up front with a tambourine. This is mostly Lisa’s doing and it’s actually quite nice. If you wonder why I have not been more involved then please reference act one, Lazy Christmas.


Act IV The Gift


I recently recognized this impostor of a winter as my newest, bestest friend. It is a fantastic gift.
I know there are those who pine away for a “white Christmas” and wish
to feel the nostalgia of standing at their window and watching the
snow fall softly upon a scene normally seen only printed upon
Christmas wrapping. I would ask them to look deeper into that scene
for the guy clearing snow from the sidewalk and road, that guy is me.
I am satisfied with a Christmas of any color and prefer brisk to bone
chilling cold.


Act V The Animals


I was thinking about the Christmas story. There is much to consider but I thought about how an angel of the Lord came to the shepherds and told them about the birth of Jesus. This reminded me of how often a parable is used in the bible and God is the shepherd and we his flock. I think God likes those who tend animals and that the relationship between man and beast is an excellent example of love. It is with this in mind that I ask you this Christmas to reach out to local pet shelters and experience the love of a pet. Please remember that any good relationship takes work and effort and that you cannot adopt a pet, tie it to a tree in the back yard and expect everything to be good. The quality of friendship with your pet is a good indicator of your development as a human and in how you treat the world. As Christmas is the story of love I believe God watches us to see how we live this story and how we love the most helpless of our relationships-our pets. Remember, “Inasmuch as ye did it unto one of these my brethren, even the least, ye did it unto me.”

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