Heated Leftovers


Writing a column is like preparing dinner; sometimes you make a nice
Sunday dinner and sometimes you heat up leftovers. You are getting
the latter this week.

Pet Dander
I heard a recent study that reports the inclusion of a pet in the
household may reduce the incidence of asthma in children. The pet
dander helps them sort out the good microbes from the bad. I’ve
suggested in the past that a butting heads with nature helps our
immune system grow and here is yet another study that proves the

I don’t eat a lot of dessert, however there is one frozen treat which
is less confectionary and more like a cherished childhood memory on a
stick-the Creamsicle. The Creamsicle is a perfectly synergistic blend
of vanilla ice cream wrapped in orange sherbet. The two tastes blend
perfectly as they reach the 98 degree confines of the human mouth.
Lisa picked up a box the other day and has since spent much of her
evening mortified at the horrible slurping and sounds of enjoyment
which emanate from me as I glory in Creamsicle goodness. It is such
an intense experience that I need a moment before moving on to the
next section.

All Class Reunion
Thief River Falls is celebrating the return of many former Lincoln
High School alumni with an All-Class Reunion this week-end. It is
said that ten year reunions are for showing off but that the later
ones are more fun because no one cares about status anymore. I
believe for my ten year reunion I was driving a $500 pick-up and was
in the middle of a divorce; I was really impressive. Things are
better now-I’ve got Lisa and I sold that pick-up. I hope everybody
has fun catching up with old friends this week-end and enjoy that
rented convertible.
The bird bath
I had one call at home and a few other requests for information on
the bird bath and waterer I spoke of in last week’s column. This is a
bird bath that stores water plus acts as both waterer and bath. You
can simply go to the google.com website and search for “first nature
bird bath” after which there will be several pictures and links to
choose from. The only problem with this bird bath is that the hook is
weak and will not hold the weight of the bird bath. I purchased a
tiny clevis at a hardware store to replace the plastic hook and have
been nothing but satisfied. I also threw a fishing bobber in the
water storage area so I could see from the kitchen when it was time
to fill the reservoir again.
Ice Road Truckers
The History channel series, “Ice Road Truckers” started its new
season earlier this month. My favorite trucker, Alex Debogorski, is
back on the road praying and singing “Amazing Grace” as he crosses
frozen lakes, temporary roads and the great frozen expanse of the
Arctic Ocean in his tractor/trailer. “Ice Road Truckers” experimented
with higher drama last year but this year the series is back inside
it’s wheelhouse with tough men doing a tough job. I’d written about
the ice roads several years ago and interviewed one of the companies
involved in the creating the ice roads. My interest was sparked after
reading the book “Denison’s Ice Road” by Edith Iglauer which has
finally been reprinted so you can purchase it for under $20. Anyway,
the show is fantastic and new episodes are aired Sunday nights at
eight-just watching the show will keep you cool on a hot summer’s



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