Letter to Dave


Dear Dave,


I am going to do something I’ve not done before, I am going fishing. As you know of my inherent fear of water, you may now un-drop your jaw. I am leaving today with the boys from R and R Farms-these are the fellows for whom I haul sugar beets. Anyway, I trust these guys a lot and I know I will be safe-I will also wear a life vest the minute we arrive in Lake of the Woods county-as always, trust but verify.


Whenever I am in the middle of a tough project, I always tell myself, “remember, 46 year-old Grant is doing this for 66 year-old Grant.” I started gathering material to build a sorting pens for the cattle. Up until now, I have always just walked into the pen of cattle and danced, cajoled, worked their flight zones and used up a year’s worth of luck to separate the few from the many. Anyway, I needed about 30 treated posts and the new cost was $640 so I started calling around and have collected a complete stack for just a bit more than 1/5 the cost.


My days are so often full of these tiny adventures. I purchased my posts from Red Lake Electric and some railroad ties from Mike Nelson of Nelson Services. Steve Conley was the fellow who loaded my posts at Red Lake Electric. He and I ended up talking and really had fun, we’re both pretty old school and talked old tractors for just a bit. Steve lives on the farm that Ray Ulrich (whose wife is Dad’s second cousin) grew up on. Mike Nelson and I went to the same high school so we talked prior to loading the railroad ties. I asked Mike about his airplanes and he took me for a tour. I have loved airplanes since I was little and it was a real treat to be close to planes about which I’d only read. Thanks Steve and thank-you Mike-both for the posts and the good company.


I’m sure we are both pretty dry, you in Carrington, North Dakota and us by St Hilaire. The small grains are turning and I’m not sure but maybe some could make it to harvest without rain. The corn was about chest high on Independence Day so those daredevils who planted before final frost are looking pretty smart right now. They will be even better-looking if we have a wet fall and are well into the corn harvest or even done. We could use rain sometime in the near future and, sure enough, on the one day of my life I decide to try fishing it does look like rain.


Well I better go, Lisa usually packs for us but I am packing for myself so she carefully over-instructed me on what to pack for my two day trip. If I don’t drown I will have plenty of shirts and will talk to you next month. Tell everyone hello


you’re little bro

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