Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

We’ve spoke of how I use predator flies to reduce the population of
horn flies on our cattle. The company I purchase them from bases the
frequency of shipments and number of predators on seasonal weather
conditions. I have said the last few years that when I get my last
shipment of fly predators, then summer is complete. I received that
shipment about two weeks ago.

I have spent the last few weeks participating in the most focused
harvest in North America, sugar beets. Actually we were only in
pre-pile mode but the beets look fantastic. I think area farmers are
going to be stressed this year as never before as so many crops will
need harvesting at the same time. However, this stress will be
rewarded with good prices. We fill up the concrete pads at the local
stations with sugar beets and a few days later, they are gone. It is
really such a huge process but is so efficiently run. I like being
part of the process and feel like I’ve earned the sugar I use and the
beet pulp we occasionally give the cattle.

On to world events, Dave. The death of four Americans at the
consulate in Lybia recently was a tragedy. Warnings of travel to this
country are prevalent on the television and so I’m sure we will soon
hear of young college students hiking across Lybia in an attempt to
find themselves. Most people “find themselves” as they live and work
to become a productive part of society. There exist a few who seem to
have the means (or their parent’s means) to find themselves in
indulgent and often dangerous ways. I suspect we will soon see young
adventurers who have gone for a freedom walk and “found themselves”
in a Lybian jail and now need United States resources to get back
home. You know, the resources we all created while we “found
ourselves” at jobs too demeaning and low-paying to pass the sniff
test for the young and arrogant.

Dave, I will soon have the cattle sorting pen and crowding tub
completed. Bryan Steiger built me a palpation cage for the cattle
chute too so this will soon be quite a system. I would say the
difference between my system and most commercial models is that mine
is brown. Brown wood, brown poles and old brown gates; bright red,
yellow and green powder-coated metal was just a bit too expensive for
me. The crowning touch will be the grain bin I plan to use for a
crowding tub. I am to the farming world what the 1970’s Oakland
Raiders were to professional football; a group of misfits. I take the
stuff left behind, damaged or otherwise unusable and use hard work to
make it something of worth. It is a task of which I feel great and
unabashed pride, Dave.

I heard you now have an assistant at Case/IH in Carrington, North
Dakota. I hear that she is tough and organized. I also have heard she
is your daughter, Sara. Considering Sara’s education and work
experience, I must say you did well. Now the three of us can get
breakfast next time I pass through town.

We are remodeling again and Jamie Miramontes and Nate Kolden as here
set to destroy and then create. I like them both and it is nice to
have a little youthful enthusiasm and energy around the place. They
both possess a attention to detail and good character that makes me
think they “found themselves” doing the tough things in life instead
of during hikes across a no man’s land.

Tell everyone hello and I hope your new assistant isn’t too demanding.

You’re little bro’

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