A Good Mistake

I am not ashamed of my mistakes, I am proud of them and wear their
scars like medals. Those who never make mistakes will look back one
day at a life buried deep and undistinguished among the pack. I
prefer to howl from the front.

Wednesday was a mistake but cost me little. I have long wanted a
Hydra-Mac 6c skid steer. This little skid steer has only one lift arm
which allows the operator to enter the skid steer from the side. You
can also lift something of the ground yet safely crawl from behind
the controls and manipulate the load you have while still in mid-air.
It is like a chore-buddy.

First off- Rice, Minnesota is way farther from Thief River Falls than
it sounds. I thought it would be a quick trip but it lasted way too
long. Rice was the location of the Hydra Mac and when finally I
arrived at the location I found the little unit in good mechanical
shape and with low hours. Unfortunately I was either too big or it
was too small as it fit me like a tuxedo the morning before a
wedding. There were other customers at the little dealership that day
and they smiled and enjoyed the sight of me wearing a skid steer.
However, this little mistake was a good one as my misconception of
this skid steer was now gone on the wind.

My dreams the night after my trip told me not to settle for less than
I need and to be bold and occupy my spot at the pointy end of the
pack. I awoke that morning and knew I needed a “win” and made coffee
then left for another trip. I knew another long day and wasted gas
lay only one more mistake down the road. I arrived in West Fargo that
morning completely ready for failure but found something I like, a
good deal. There sat the unshiny jewel that was a Massey Ferguson
1230 tractor. Guys like little tractors for the same reason women
like little babies-they both require so many neat accessories. I mean
women love to buy miniature Halloween costumes or sneakers for little
babies just like guys need to buy tiny mowers and loaders for their
tiny tractors. I think the tractors are less expensive and they only
become rusty with age where as, with time, the babies become
teenagers and really who wants that? I bought the Massey after a bit
of negotiation. I think it was a good deal but it could always go
sour although I doubt it. I am willing to risk the mistake.

Anyway, I guess my point is this; nothing ventured, nothing gained. It takes one hundred ideas to find ten good ones and I would rather
move boldly and mistakenly than sit motionless, too scared to try.
Life isn’t about voting for the winner but rather having the courage
to vote your conscience. We should make our decisions based on
measured risk and courage rather than being chased from one day to
another by our own fear. Our maybe I just like little tractors.
Either way, sometimes you have to drive to Rice, Minnesota and wear a
skid steer at least once for one good trip to West Fargo.

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