A Perfect World

It seems that the start of each new year begins with a drop-shipment
of brand new problems, this year is no different. I think many people
will see these problems as humanities’ imperfections that must be
solved. They want to live in a perfect world.

First off, every time I hear someone say “we must solve this problem
so that it never happens again,” I know they are doomed. I rarely see
the kind of problem-solving perfection that would make a problem
never happen again. The world is full of problems; the only answer
I’ve ever seen is diligence. In other words you simply have to put in
the work, day in and day out, to try prevent the problem.
Unfortunately, people don’t like to work, they like to make laws that
seek perfection and then pass the whole impossible mess on for others
to enact-and fund.

The second obstacle to solving a problem is that it is typically a
previous human action that caused the current problem. Those who
profess to solve any current malady may have indeed caused it by
their own acts and seek now to solve the problem without admitting
their own mistake. Solving the problem truthfully would shine light on
their initial mistake and in that their own ego will not abide.

Okay, let’s shuck to the cob. The recent school shooting in
Connecticut has given the current administration a chance to
introduce gun control. I don’t know if they truly believe gun control
would have prevented this horrible incident or if they are simply so
cruel as to use this incident to further their own political ideals-I
suspect the latter.

We’ve always had guns but we haven’t always had school shootings-at
least not on the scale now reported with such gusto by the media. The
media tries to make much of the fact that you can now buy a
semi-automatic AR-15 rifle and likes to tell us that removal of this right will
prevent disturbed, violet people from killing. The truth is that we
have had more powerful rifles than the AR-15 for decades and many of
them are semi-automatic. The AR-15 looks a little meaner and so it is
easier for nationwide media to demonize it in furthering their own
agenda against the second amendment.

The availability of weapons necessary to injure innocents like in
Connecticut has existed for years. What has not existed until
recently was the availability of violent, mentally unstable people to
carry out these attacks. Until the last few decades, these folks were
housed in secure hospitals where they were exposed to all available
help yet kept safe away from our children. High-minded folks who
sought societal perfection instead of due-diligence decided to
mistakenly streamline these same violent, mentally-unstable into society. They
made the rules and let the rest of us deal with, and fund, their
short-sighted ideas. The bulk of society walks around on eggshells so that the
violent and mentally unstable may enjoy the very freedoms they use
against us. Making society carefully pirouette around the
troublemakers seems to me like removing all of the toys from a grade
school because one child cannot play with them decently. We need to
focus on the source of the trouble instead of trying to create a
perfect world free of any way to make trouble. We lost that chance in the
Garden of Eden.

Society will never be perfect; it can only be diligent enough to
protect itself against its more violent elements. We once protected
ourselves from violent and mentally unstable people by housing them
and treating them. A mistake was made when those folks were
streamlined into society and began abusing the same rights the rest
of us peacefully enjoy. We must admit this mistake. To remove or
reduce the second amendment in the mistaken belief that a tiny group
of highly violent, unstable people have the mental capability to
respect yet another law is ludicrous.

3 thoughts on “A Perfect World

  1. Just read this column in Saturday’s Northern Watch. We always enjoy reading your column and this time was no exception….in fact, I thought it was one of the best on the subject of Newtown and gun control I have read so far. Excellent insight and so very true. Thanks and keep writing!
    C. Adams
    Warroad, MN


  2. Amen, Grant!

    P.S. I just mailed another donation to the NRA. And plan to contact our local school board members to urge them to secure our schools.


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