Five Acts of Wellness

This week I want to give you five acts towards wellness and and most
of these acts will play themselves out at the Sanford Wellness

Act I What’s Happened to us

If you compared our culture to our predecessors I believe you would
find that we are not as healthy. We have better cures which we need
because we more often get sick. Our parents and grandparents survived
on simple food which was deliberately high-calorie because it was not
always plentiful. These same folks needed the calories because they
worked hard to survive. It is unfortunate that we have kept their
traditions of high-calorie food, even though we now have more fruits
and vegetables to choose from than did our predecessors, as most of
us now work from a seated position. As a result, we have more
diabetes, high cholesterol, digestive system cancer and heart

Act II What can happen to us

I think change does not always have to be radical; simple, small
changes may make a large difference as they accumulate into a
lifestyle. Changes in diet can stop the damage however the one thing
I’ve found that can erase damage done to our own bodies is exercise.
We can change our lives, we have the gift of self-determination.

Act III Where I get my change on

At age forty I decided I needed to change my life. I had lifted
weights much of my life however my body needed to lose weight more
than lift it. I tried different work-out programs but realized what I
needed was some variety. I found the variety I need at the Sanford
Wellness Center in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. I liked the Sanford gym because of the variety of machines, cleanliness and open space. It has been a good fit for me
as it is not a typical gym with scantily-clad “treadmill queens” or
young men grunting to call attention to themselves as they perform
yet another set of meaningless bench presses.

Act IV It only gets better

In January, Sanford Wellness Center began offering fitness programs
on a scale not seen in Northwest Minnesota. They are now offering
Zumba classes and a cycling program that reminds me of the “spinning”
courses that draw lines of people in much larger cities. They also
have several yoga classes that are guided by an experienced
instructor. As a person who has worked out by himself for years, I
must say it is the greatest indulgence to turn my brain down on low
and be guided through a work-out. I also find that when I’m
“coached” through a class, I get a much better work-out than on my
own. It isn’t that guided work-outs are so much harder however they
do make the most of every move and minute.

Act V Do not fear

The Sanford Wellness Center is a well-structured place that can offer
fitness benefits to adults of all ages. I would say my “work-out
buddies” range in age from their early twenties to well into their
eighties. There’s no reason to be scared to try a class-they’re even
offering entry-level classes to help you get a good start. I would
like to invite you to call Sanford Wellness Center at 218-683-4367
and get started. As you start, please remember that the thing about
working out is that it isn’t a competition with everyone else; it is
a competition within yourself. Exercise calls upon that innate part
of being human that strives to be better than yesterday. Making this
effort is the only way to keep from sliding backwards and comes with
a reward much greater than your investment.

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