Occasionally I write a column which consists of unrelated topics
which I call bullets, as in “bullet points.” If you read this week’s
title aloud it sounds appropriate however it’s spelling is kind of an
homage to the great Steve McQueen movie of the same name.

Bullet One: Taking out the garbage

I write my column and then go back and edit out everything that
doesn’t make sense. I do the same thing in life; I do whatever
interests me for a time and then remove that which does not work. I
found a website that encourages people to live a simplified life of
careful editing, it is called Life Edit.com. The site encourages
people to de-clutter their life which I encourage also. I am never
happier than when I remove the stuff from my life that I considered
my property which in reality had owned me the whole time.

Bullet Two:   Keep your laws

I can’t remember the last time a tragic death was reported nationwide
which wasn’t soon followed by the story of the deceased’s family
mounting an effort to create a law in the decedent’s honor. I respect
loss and believe family should be given time to grieve and honor
their dead. However, I should not have to change my life or live it
in a different way just because a new law is created via emotional
tidal wave; new law should be created only after logical debate and
the support of facts.. I often wonder if people really want more
safety then why they do not ban automobiles as they are a tool that
creates an amazing amount of tragic death. The more security you
have, the less liberty you enjoy. I do not want more of my liberty
taken so someone else may take cold comfort from ineffective laws
that do not even create more security.

Bullet Three:   Politics is Politics

I have very definite ideas about politics however I am tired of the
whole mess. Talking politics has become so fashionable that anyone
can listen to one news cycle and then parrot whatever pablum the
national media has created for easy digestion by even the simplest
brain. I believe it is our duty to use the freedom of speech to
maintain our freedom but I do wish people would marry a
responsibility to be well-informed to this freedom. Honestly, I am
tired of politics and would rather talk about cows, four wheelers,
hay trolleys or even Lindsey Lohan.

Bullet Four:  Whose child is this?

Region’s Hospital in St Paul recently placed the remains of two
stillborn babies in the outgoing laundry. This story was met with
much sincere outcry over the sanctity of life and people said the
remains of these children should have been treated with more respect.
I wonder why people have such a strong reaction to respect life when
nature makes the decision as opposed to situations when human
intervention decides who lives and who dies. When God decides death
we are so concerned yet when humanity decides to take a baby’s life
it doesn’t even make the news. I suspect humanity now regards its own
authority as greater than God’s authority. We will pay for this

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