Old and simple

I like old stuff. I like honkytonk music and seventies rock, old
pick-ups and decent morals-I guess I like things old and simple.

Okay, first off I do not like all things old. I prefer electronic
fuel injection to carburetors and electronic ignition to points.
I would much rather use the internet than encyclopedias and prefer
pdf files as opposed to traditional mail when I gather information.

When I say old, I mean simple. I like my morals simple, from a time
before some folks created “gray area” as a mythical place in which
their own justifications and excuses create a smoke screen to hide whatever
they did the night before Sunday services. A time before even some
pastors suggested that the Bible doesn’t always mean what is says or
was simply a book of parables and really just written for our

You know, I didn’t even mean for this to be a column about religion;
I probably turned some people off with that last paragraph. That’s
okay, it’s probably best to separate the tourists from the locals
right off the bat.

I have recently considered a new project for winter 2013-2014. I love
large trucks from the thirties. There is something so beautiful about
their styling and simple mechanical operation. These vehicles were
from a time when simplicity was not only accepted but rather a needed
commodity just to struggle through life. You can see it in the
vehicles of the time; they were built for work with only a subtle suggestion
about their owner. It seems today like most vehicles suggest nothing
so much as scream “I just put my owner deeply in debt and he lost
$5000 of equity the second he took me off the lot!” I am always
fascinated when people tell me their new car or motorcycle is an “investment.” It is an
investment all right, an investment in their ego. It is a complicated
way to live.

I have also taken an interest in something else old- me. I have found
that one of the most direct steps I can take to keep things simple is
to take care of my body. I can replace so many machines with a
well-operating mind and body that a little care is a good investment.
It is much easier to stay healthy than to regain health. Also,
regular maintenance of my relationship with Lisa is a way to keep our
good thing working; a little talk is much simpler than any of those
“big talks.” Lisa is a big part of my life and her health is shared
by me-it’s that simple.

It doesn’t get much older or simpler than nature. I think people
sometimes complicate their relationship with nature. I can either
choose to work with nature and let it do the heavy lifting or I can
fight nature, exert my own will and try to make it do what I want. It
is a losing fight and simply not one worth making. I am old enough to
know better. I would rather keep it simple.

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