Sometimes failure is an option

I am proud of my accomplishments. However, each accomplishment is
built upon the silent soldiers of any task well done; failure.

I was recently at my yoga class and found one particular move quite
difficult. Jordan is my yoga instructor and she could see I was
struggling and maybe felt bad for me that I was failing at the
particular move. I told her it was okay, I had come to her class to
fail. If I perform every move accurately then it is time for more
difficult positions. If I don’t strive to accomplish something new
then I am wasting my time. In order to accomplish something new, I
will sometimes fail. A football coach once shared the following
phrase with me, “if all we ever do is all we’ve ever done then all
we’ll ever do is all we’ve ever done.” Think about that phrase for a
little bit and consider the despair of successfully completing the
same task day in and day out for your whole life without the
challenge of something new. It sounds like hell to me.

I have spoken about my projects in the past. Recently I built a
device to grow hydroponic fodder for my cattle. I did a few dry runs
with it and found it took too much time to fit into my life. I had
spent much of the winter working on this project and to find it a
poor fit in my life was nothing short of-failure. I began removing
boards from my “fodder monster” but soon re-used the material to make
a pretty good greenhouse. I used several window sashes, left over by
someones failure to measure properly, to cover the frame. We would
not have the greenhouse without a failure. I would have always
wondered if hydroponic fodder worked in our little cattle operation;
I know now it was impractical. I am embarrassed when I don’t risk
failure to accomplish something I really want, it seems such a waste
of life and so cowardly. The emotion connected with failure pales in
its comparison.

I do not plan to fail, I plan everything out to reach success. I can
make mistakes however and learning from those mistakes is how I reach
success. I’ve said before that it takes 100 ideas to find ten good
ones and only one of the good ones will reach completion. You gotta
expect to get lost occasionally is you’re gonna break trail. I have
seen folks who master one of life’s golf clubs and that is all they
ever take out of the bag. I prefer to try different things and accept
failure as the cost of learning of what I am capable. I try to live
each year in an effort to accumulate experience. To live otherwise
is simply living the same year over and over again. The safe and
comfortable life of the coward is unacceptable, I choose failure.

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