Letter to Dave


Dear Dave,

I have a morose way of picking up even the best situation and
checking its underside for the “less known” perspective. We will
witness the first official day of summer this week-happy event. We
will also now begin the inexorable slide towards winter as the days
slowly become shorter and shorter. The fourth of July is weeks away,
then the county fairs and from there it is only crazy days and two
a-day practice before school is back in session. From that point, it
is a short reach to the first frost, followed by sugar beet harvest
and finally a time when my snow plow and I reunite.

I think spring planting is done here, Dave. It’s hard to tell; I mean
every time a deadline is reached for planting a crop then there is
another created or planting based on a percentage of crop insurance
or something else. A final day for crop planting seems like the date for the end of the
world as both dates are highly fluid and unknown. Actually it’s been
kind of a cool year for planting as most farmers never even had to shut
their tractors off before they hooked up to the sprayer. I still see
people planting a little here and there but the bulk of it is

Dutch bucket hydroponics seem to be working at our place, I guess. I
have some to a place in my life where I judge things on a simple
basis. In the case of the Dutch bucket hydroponic project, everything
is alive and getting larger so I will venture that our current
condition is so far, so well. I’m not sure that placing the
hydroponic project inside a greenhouse was needed although it will be
nice in the fall as I hate covering gardens with sheets.


I finished planting my corn and soybean mixture yesterday, Dave. I
plant this mix for grazing in the fall and was lucky enough to finish
prior to the next forty days and forty nights. Paul Maloney came into
work so I could go home and finish up and I wanted to thank him for
this. As long as we’re talking about good guys named Paul, I would
also like to mention Paul Peterick. Paul read my column about my love
of coffee and actually found Douwe Egbert coffee for at-home brewing.
I work with his son in-law, Seth Vettleson, who delivered the
package. I asked Seth where Paul had located this fine coffee and he
said Amazon. Now, you and I know that Amazon is a website the sells
lots of products however Seth is pretty old-school and non-computer
oriented. I would guess when he told me that his father in-law had
purchased the coffee from Amazon, he most-likely thought it was a
purchase made from a large, warrior woman.

Anyway Dave, I hope everyone is doing well out in Carrington, North
Dakota. As it seems the weather you get eventually ends up here,
please takes as much rain as you need prior to each system moving
onto us. We have plenty for now but will let you know when more is
You’re little bro’

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