The Vacation


Congress couldn’t pass a budget so our government shut down October 1st. I’m sure most of you know the details of the shutdown, even though the media reports are typically pretty biased and contain more blame than opinion and more opinion than fact. I want to give you my take on this shut down of the federal government. .


I believe we have a great opportunity at hand. Congress may have unknowingly given us the opportunity to know how it is to live with a vastly limited federal government, at least until a compromise is made. Our Federal government at one time really provided mostly for the common defense but has “progressed” and gotten larger through time. Last week was America with the ‘fed, this week we are fed-free.


Federal government does some good things too, many of them are deemed necessary and will continue to operate as normal during the shutdown. If you work for federal government, you have my sympathies. I wouldn’t like to live without a paycheck, either.


Our national media has reported that a shutdown of our Federal government would have such grave and apocalyptic results that I believe they would make even Chicken Little blush. The national media has been able to opine with righteous indignation in between commercials about a potential government shutdown. We were led to believe a federal shutdown would equate tragedy. The federal government is closed and I am still here. I kissed my wife this morning, I ate food and even purchased gas. I am alive and well and worked all day hauling sugar beets. They pulled the plug and we are still alive.


All of this fear-mongering served those in federal government who wish that a socialist stripe be added to our flag. People started to believe that if all of these bad things would happen because of a government shutdown, then the federal government must be really important; maybe more important than family or self-determination. In a socialist state, the people must worship their government, by their own free will or by the force of fear. When you believe your government is more important than your own will or family, then you are one step closer to worship of this unworthy entity.


I know of a few ways to stop the culture of socialism. The first is to accept responsibility for your life and your own success or lack of success. Government is a tool do do those things the individual cannot do, like build roads. We can never allow government to be the focus of our lives. Our focus should be our own self-reliance, our family and God. The structure of our country is in adherence to the constitution and belief in democracy. If this definition no longer applies to America then we are no longer masters of our own government but servants to a bureaucracy that exists only to perpetuate itself. Oh yeah, you can also vote for people other than those who promise stuff no one can afford.


Our federal government wants us to view it as a great and benevolent boss, an entity without which we cannot live. The truth is that our federal government is the janitor which maintains the structure built to contain democracy and adhere to our constitution. However, some in federal government tire of being servant and wish to be master. It reminds me of nothing so much as the co-worker who constantly causes trouble as a distraction so no one realizes that they are not qualified to lead.


We are on vacation from our own government and I feel no different. We were told we could not live without our government’s influence and have found the influence that really counts in our lives is our own. I am not tired of fearing my government or fearing it won’t take care of me as I do neither. I am however tired of being told to fear it or fear its absence. I needed a vacation, and I got it.

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