Letter to Dave


Dear Dave,

I made it home alive. The National Weather Service said that Sunday’s
blizzard had the potential to be the season’s worst and it did not
disappoint. My common sense told me to stay home but my job beckoned
me to come to work. I would have gladly stayed home although my trip
to town was fairly pleasant; much like the trip down the river is
pleasant just prior to an encounter with the falls. The “long trip
home” is how I will always remember my Sunday afternoon drive home in
the blowing snow. I stopped at Petro Pumper for mixed nuts, water and
coffee prior to leaving town. I decided if I was going to die in a
storm, I would die full, hydrated and wide awake. I traveled much of
the trip home one yellow line at a time and had to stop and wait for
the gusts of wind to move on before I turned at the KBRR tower. Twice
I thought how nice it would be at home with Lisa and the cats but
pushed those thoughts aside as I needed to focus on business at hand.

Dave, you and I spoke that night about my interest in using Real Time
Kinetic GPS for finding my way home in the storm but you were correct
about the cost; too much for me-probably too much for THREE of me.


Dave, I know it isn’t good to brag. However, I feel good when I brag
about my mother in-law, Jeanette Walseth. This was the last week of
the last task of many at which Jeanette has been employed. Jeanette
has worked the last few years at Digi-Key and finished up this past
Wednesday. Prior to that, Jeanette was an RN at the hospital and then
for home health care. If you talk to someone who lived around St
Hilaire back a few years, they would talk about picking out penny
candy at the little store in St Hilaire. Jeanette was owner and
operator of this store and made life good for those who needed
groceries or just some hard candy. Anyway, Jeanette has shown this
world work ethic, kindness and class and will continue to do so, just
not on a paid basis. She is one of the best people I’ve ever known
and her daughter and I would like to congratulate her on retirement
and many jobs well done.

I think cabin fever has set in, Dave. Winter has made my world quite
small as I pretty much run from one warm place to another. As I pile
snow in the yard, even my physical world becomes smaller as I search
for spots to store the white fluff. Even the cats are edgy as they
can stand the cold for only a bit on their outdoor breaks. I will say
one bright spot has been how well the County Highway Department has
taken care of our roads. This has been a bad winter, yet the roads
have never been this nice and clean. I don’t know if they realize how
much country people appreciate the ability to travel during the
winter. I hope they know their efforts have not gone without notice.
Well I better go Dave, gotta go hug my grader operator.

Your little bro’

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