We Deliver

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It is so rare that people are ever called to greatness. A desperate
battle against impossible odds or an event which demands we prove
ourselves is a rare thing. I was recently called to such glory.

Let’s start with a backstory, I have a real fantasy world about truck
driving and the products these trucks deliver. I was born on a farm
and raised on the trucker music of CW McCall, Dave Dudley, Red Sovine
and watched “BJ and the Bear” each week on one of three television
channels we received at Viking. I regularly dreamed that one day I
would drive a cattle truck with automatic waterers and a
closed-circuit monitor system. So, I am already predisposed to
believe any trip I make is a little more heroic and dramatic than it
is in reality. I am always on stand-by for the call.

This story doesn’t involve a semi or cattle but it does involve an
important mission. My nephew made the call one morning and asked that
I pick-up a part from my brother, Dave, out in Carrington, North
Dakota. Jamie was busy and asked if I could meet Dave somewhere along
Highway 200 or some other location equally as lonesome. I took the
assignment with all the drama and bravado of a World War I fighter
pilot off the fight the Red Baron.

I left our home about 4:30 with the tune “East Bound and Down”
droning away in the background of my own consciousness. Lisa was done
with work so she occupied the right of my pick-up. I notified the
other end of the package delivery system (Dave) that I was bound for
glory or Carrrington, whichever came first.

Truth is; we never got to Carrington. Dave has worked in the
machinery business for several decades and has enough contacts that
he could teach a course on logistics. He was able to deliver the part
as far as Northwood, North Dakota. Since Lisa was with, she treated
for supper and later for a snack on the way home. It became less a
heroic trip against impossible odds and more a picnic on wheels.
Three boxes made up the missing piece Jamie needed and they were
sitting, unprotected, at the front door of the dealer. Only in rural
areas such as this could you leave expensive parts sitting in the
open without concern for theft. I know thieves live amongst us
however they are the minority.

The trip home from Northwood was uneventful except one disappointed
North Dakota Trooper who followed us for a bit, I guess he could be
the “smokey bear” in my trucker fantasy. My instinct tells me that we
both just happened to be going the same direction. I don’t own a
citizen’s band radio so I was unable to talk with any other truckers
however I did get one “code red” notification from the Sheriff’s
Office on my cell phone so maybe that counts.

I may not have been called to greatness in the larger sense of the
phrase during this trip. However, by making the trip I did have a
good subject for my column, which is pretty great.

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