Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

I am not a person who enjoy riddles, procedural cop shows or any sort
of mystery. It’s unfortunate but I just finished a morning of
real-life “Clue.” Locating a short in the cattle fence often times
means some insulators were torn off the post by a deer or even a
broken insulators. Modern electric fence energizers can typically
handle a lot of weed load so I don’t even pay attention to grass
hanging on the fence. It took most of the morning but I finally found
the short, it was at a gate opening. I bet 90 percent of shorts occur
at either corners or gates and this was no different. Anyway, a
spring gate had flipped upside down and a piece of circled fence wire
about the circumference of a 50 cent piece was touching a steel
t-post which was easily fixed. Mystery solved! Morning wasted!

This next story Dave, is about an event that I approached from the
outset with a grim mind. Sunday night, a neighbor drove in and said
that there was a beer amongst the cattle. We have little calves here
with their mothers and I figured I’d find one killed by the bear as
soon as I got outside. Bears eat anything and this one must have been
determined as I tested the fence it went through and there was about
15 thousand volts running through it (two thousand volts is enough to
hold a cow.) I looked at the cows and they were all staring in one
direction and that was how I found the bear, in the trees just feet
from where the cattle graze. I haven’t hunted since I was about
twenty and really have no interest so it was in the interest of the
cattle and calves that I shot the bear. It was a male and I’d
estimate it was about 250 pounds and was the color of cinnamon. I
felt really bad about it but the law allows you to protect your pets
and livestock from wild animals and that’s what I did. I gave my
prayer for animals afterward and it was a quick death. The DNR came
and picked up the bear the next day, all the calves and their mothers
were fine.

This is the bear’s front paw in comparison to my own.

I liked the picture of the ride-on tractor you picked out for the
silent auction Steve’s benefit in Viking. I stand and stare at the
pedal tractors in Hardware Hank every time I need something and found
myself gawking at the picture you sent. I hope all is well your way
as the farmers attempt to complete three season’s worth of work in
just two. I have two small paddocks which I have not been able to
seed and that kind of drives me crazy. I cannot imagine what it is
like for someone who has many fields and not enough weather or time
to complete their tasks.

I will see you in July at the benefit.

You’re little bro’

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