Letter to Dave

Click here or on the web link for this week's program.Dear Dave,

I would never trade this fall for the fall of 2013. Last year at this
time, I was still nursing my way through the beet harvest unlike this
year where the harvest is now two weeks gone. I was prancing around
from one task to the other in shirtsleeves and a ball cap yesterday
and hope for more of the same.

I think the pressure is mostly off harvest, Dave. It seems people are
finishing off their beans and doing a little fall fertilizing. I’m
not sure if all of the beans made it to maturity before frost but I’m
not sure that absolutely every field has seen hard frost, either.
Anyway, farmers with corn to harvest can afford to wait for harvest
so the crop dries. Drying is expensive but it seems really expensive
when commodity prices get low.

On the home front, we are fattening up Magoo. Magoo is one of our
thundering herd of cats and was diagnosed with arthritis in his
elbow. Cats are pretty emotional and the pain made him not eat and
lose weight. Magoo is now receiving “Metacam” orally every three days
and is on a regimen that includes a few extras like turkey, canned
cat food, eggs, chicken and I know I have to quit spoiling him soon.
I hope we are not creating a monster however we do want Magoo back to
his icky, demanding, big cat self.

Dave, I was watching some national news recently and this came to
mind. When I was young, the media was like a stern, fact-based
librarian. It adhered to the truth and based itself on facts. Today’s
national media seems more to me like a cheerleader who doesn’t bother
herself with right or wrong but merely picks a side and cheers. Even
worse, this cheerleader media seems to stick a finger in the wind to
see what direction blows public opinion and then interviews the
talking heads needed to
support the public’s view of world events. It’s like they find out
in what areas the public is uninformed and then mirror our ignorance
so we feel smart.

Dave, it has been two months since our brother, Steve, passed away. I
typically move along through life just fine until something little
trips me up
and I think about Steve. It is like my light is turned down about 20
percent all of the time. Some of the things I assigned importance in
life prior to Steve’s death have even more value while some of those
things I held in such high regard now seem like a waste of time. I
suspect the truth is that everyone deals with this kind of loss in
different ways. I believe my reaction is evolving as time passes.
Sorry to leave you on such a low note.
You’re little bro

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