He is back

Click here or on the web link for this week's program.Somewhere during 1978, the members of the band “KISS” decided to each
release a solo album. Kiss guitarist, Ace Frehley included one song
on his album titled “Back in the New York Groove” and
it did very well. This song is kind of an anthem and the lyrics to
the chorus sound triumphant as Frehley repeats “I’m Back.” I don’t
have any interest in New York but I sometimes I think of this song
when I or someone triumphs over a situation and gets back or is
restored to where they want to be.
Okay, I needed you to understand the significance of “I’m back in the
New York Groove” but now onto the real story. I recently wrote how
our cat, Magoo, had lost weight and was lethargic. I credited his
state to a case of arthritis in his elbow. We medicated the elbow
but Magoo’s lethargy got no better and he wasn’t gaining much weight.
I took him to Red Lake Veterinary Service and they found Magoo to be
diabetic. There was no damage to his kidneys or liver however left
untreated, diabetes can kill a cat. Magoo received his first shot of
insulin from Lisa and I and was markedly better that same night. The
syringe needles are so fine that he doesn’t even notice when we dose

So, Magoo is my baby. Lisa and I love all of our cats and they each
have a special place in our family however, Magoo is my baby. He is
sitting here watching me as I write this. My nickname for Magoo is
“Bear” which was my brother Steve’s nickname in high school. Magoo’s
rapid weight loss reminded me so much of my brother’s weight loss
which was due to the cancer that killed him. Magoo’s gaunt appearance
combined with the shared nickname made me almost view
Magoo as a stand-in for my brother. I know it sounds a little crazy
but I really came to see him that way. I mean I was already very
protective of Magoo but his similarity to Steve made me even more
protective. It’s funny what loss does to you. The similarities that
grew in my mind between Steve and Magoo
made me feel that I couldn’t lose Steve and then Magoo. I just
couldn’t; I mean the cruelty of it all and the loss was beyond me.

Magoo became more sure-footed after that first shot of insulin.
Diabetic cats get weak rear-ends and Magoo had displayed this symptom
although we thought it was his arthritic elbow. He began eating
better that same night and his eyes got clear and sharp. We thought
the shots would be a chore however he doesn’t even notice. It feels
so good to know that our actions make Magoo feel better. We feed him
a little something and then give his shot. It’s like a little ritual
that brings us closer together.

The next day Magoo received more insulin and ate better and showed
way more interest in life than he had prior to his diagnosis. I was
so relieved however it wasn’t until he went outside and killed, then
ate, a mouse that I knew he was back. It was then then that I could
hear Ace Frehley in the back of my mind, standing celebratory before
a microphone, pumping his fist and singing for our little cat-my
little baby- “I’m Back, I’m Back, I’m Back, I’m Back!”

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