The time dial

Click here or on the web link for this week's program.Everyone has little personal accessories. Women may have some
cosmetics while men may have a pocketknife and we all typically have
some sort of fob for our keys to keep our pants pocket busy. I want
you to imagine a different accessory, a time dial.

I started thinking about it the last few years. What if each person
had a little dial with all the years of their life inscribed around
the perimeter? You could use the dial to quickly move past painful
times in your life and or turn back the dial to times of personal
history that were pleasurable. The only caveat to this incredible
power would be, each time you turn the dial, you lose some time in
your life. You would still get the pleasurable experiences however
the period of time which you used your power to “fast forward” past would be gone forever. Would you be interested in control of your own

Here’s the thing, you are kind of in control of time. I’ve seen many
people “freeze-up” in times of sadness or incredible stress and
simply wish for time to pass. I’ve also seen folks locked in the
past, too afraid to explore the future or embrace the present. When
you do these things, you are “dialing away” your time and your life.

I think a better way to spend time is to try experience everything as
it occurs. I look back at my life and I typically remember the harder
times in my life more than the happy times. However, I remember the
good elements of these “hard times” more than the time in which they
occur. With this knowledge, I try to always find the sweetness in
even the worst periods of time as they occur, instead of waiting for
the perspective that comes with reflection. I try to enjoy the good
moments within the bad as they happen instead of as they appear upon
later reflection.

I really thought our cat, Magoo, was not going to make it when he was
diagnosed with diabetes. He was spending most of his time on the
laundry room floor in the dark. I decided that if this was my
situation then I had to find the sweetness right then instead of
waiting for reflection to reveal it years from now. I took a couple
of blankets and lay on the floor with Magoo and snuggled with him
until I fell asleep. Magoo got better but that time in the laundry
room will not only be a good memory someday in the future, it was
also a good experience as it occurred; in the present.

Click here or on the web link for this week's program.I like the past, especially country music. It is so tempting to
listen to the old stuff and nothing else. Truth is, even today’s
music has some worthwhile sentiment and even some wisdom. I need to
just find the nuggets as they occur instead waiting for reflection to
give me perspective. I will always like my country classics; however
I am alive now and need to deal with the situation as it exists.

We all have our accessories however I don’t think I will include a
“time dial” as one of mine. It is better to accept, learn and enjoy
what you have today as it occurs. If I need an accessory, perhaps I
could purchase a Swiss army knife to give my pocket something to do.

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