Risky Christmas

Click here or on the web link for this week's program.It is the time of the year when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and the time leading up to this historic event. It is a time when those who do not believe like to make fun of us as they believe their words will hurt the most. They are like children who need our attention to validate their own beliefs. These people typically gather in small groups on the internet to congratulate themselves on their logic and superior intelligence. I do not disregard small groups however I do not hold much regard for the small minds behind this arrogance.


First off, if you want me to prove God’s love for you, I cannot do it with logic. Only you can feel God’s love through faith. It takes faith for this to work. Faith is a discipline no different from logic or any of the other skills it takes to understand abstract situations. I would say that faith is the highest discipline because our own ego wants us to believe we are God. We fight our faith because to admit to the presence of God is to admit we are not God. It is a childish arrogance and cannot exist in the presence of faith.


Some seek to disprove faith with logic. I don’t know whether you can disprove faith with logic however I would say you definitely cannot prove faith through logic. It is the wrong tool. I would never profess to solve math problems with my faith, I would solve them with logic. Why then, do some seek to force Christians to prove their faith with logic? It is the wrong tool. It is like asking me to fix a car engine using kitchen tools. Those who insist that logic is the only standard by which they will accept faith skew the playing field to favor disbelief. To have faith is to discover the  error of their ways. This is an arrogance we all have, who likes being wrong?


To me, faith is like the heat that rises from the earth. If you look at a frozen lake you will see that it freezes from the top down. Heat always radiates from the earth’s core, through the cold water, and is always a threat to make the ice disappear. Only the presence of constant cold can keep that top layer of water frozen. Some humans are like that; they must constantly try to disprove the presence of God to keep their souls frozen. They use logic instead of faith. If you let you guard down for even a bit, the truth which resides in our core, your own faith, will radiate out and thaw your soul.


I think you must possess an open mind to have faith. It takes a closed mind to adhere to a strict, consistent doctrine which never allows you to wonder about things you see around you. Logic can describe how our world works or even how it was created but cannot tell us who started whatever process brought us here. To wonder, to question and to explore is the path to faith. To hamper yourself with only earthly tools such as logic, is to embrace your own arrogance and to confine your mind to a size that makes you comfortable.


Finally, as we celebrate Christmas, this is a time when your faith should manifest itself in more that just good works, it must be a time when you do these things in God’s name; to give him the applause. In Matthew 10:33 it says; “But whoever denies me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven.” You can celebrate the Holidays at your own discretion, but you should celebrate Christmas at your own risk.

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