Polaris Brutus HD snow blower review

The is a Bobcat snow blower that was fitted for both the Bobcat 3650 and the Polaris Brutus.
This is the Polaris Brutus HD with front-mounted blower as it sits in my shop.


This is the hydraulic lift that fits attachments to the Polaris Brutus. Their also auxiliary hydraulics (pictured) that allows the operator to direct the blower chute left, right or forward.



I reviewed my Polaris Brutus commercial Utility Task vehicle last year about this time. The Brutus is basically a Polaris ranger with a diesel engine and a front lift to accommodate accessories such as a mower or snow blower. I purchased the unit without doors, or a power
take-off to run accessories; however I added those items during the
summer. I even installed the power take-off (pto) unit myself to
power a few accessories which saved a lot of money. I wrote in my
first review that if I ever purchased the snow blower attachment for
my Brutus that I would review its performance. It finally snowed and
I used the blower so here we go.


First off, the blower is all Bobcat. Polaris and Bobcat worked
together on the Brutus and Bobcat Inc. sells the same unit as the
model 3650. My original concept of the attachments for the Brutus was
that the attachments would be like lawnmower attachments. I have been
pleasantly surprised in that the quality of the attachments is more
like something you’d find for a skid-steer or small tractor. The snow
blower is 62 inches wide and weighs right around 400 pounds so it’s
built pretty hefty.


Before I review the Brutus snow blower I want to tell you about
installing the power take off myself. The PTO kit came with a set of
instructions that included 60 steps; many of these steps were removal
of body parts and their replacement. I saved about $1700 installing
the kit myself as opposed to purchase of the Brutus with
pre-installed PTO. I would say the intellectual difficulty of this
install was similar to assembling a large piece of IKEA furniture.
The physical difficulty was greater as it required a lot of tools,
jack stands and about 9 ½ hours of my time.

Now onto the blower; I couldn’t be happier. If you’ve ever spent an
hour with your head turned backwards blowing snow with a tractor, you
can appreciate how nice it is to drive forward as you blow snow. The
Yanmar diesel had plenty of power to run the blower through even hard
snow. I don’t believe the engine bogged down at all during the
process. The blower threw the snow about 35 feet with no problem. The
spout is controlled by on-board hydraulics which was nice to remotely
direct the snow based on wind direction. I can control the front lift
with the in-cab joystick so maintaining a consistent height in uneven
patches was no problem. The heater worked in conjunction with a wiper
blade to keep my windows clear although I still needed a jacket and
hat to stay warm.


The Polaris Brutus UTV is a specialty item not made for the same
massive amount of people who purchase similar machines for pure
recreation. Landscapers, small farmers and anyone with some land or
parking lots to manage would find this unit a perfect fit. Top speed
is about 28 miles per hour but my personal recreation involves cows,
black dirt or snow removal so I don’t really need a lot of speed. The
Brutus is a compromise, a darn fine compromise.

Here is my original review of the Polaris Brutus HD UTV.  http://rreflection.areavoices.com/2014/02/08/polaris-brutus-review/


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