Letter to Dave

barnDear Dave,

It was a good talk the other night. You are one of the few people in
the world who is willing to talk to me about crazy inventions. It
makes me happy to know that if I ever need technical
advice/counseling about building a no-till air-seeder, sized small
enough to pull behind an all-terrain vehicle, that advice is just a
phone call to North Dakota away.

You probably heard that the Prowler girl’s hockey team is a pretty
big deal. Thief River Falls skated their way to the State tournament
and won last Saturday over the private school, Blake. It was an
exciting game and was a nice birthday gift for Lisa; always nice to
feel proud of your home team.

Speaking of winners, Lacey Voecks did a call-back audition for “The
Voice.” Lacey is Brian and Colette’s daughter from town. Although she
didn’t move forward, she had the guts and determination to try and
that sort of effort is something I admire. I suspect Lacey learned
much from taking a swing at “the Voice” and I hope she will try again.

I wrote about Larry Myhrer some time ago, Dave. Larry told me a lot
about the history of the grocery business in Thief River Falls and is
just a
warm and wonderful gent. Larry will retire Friday and Hugo’s grocery
plans a retirement party for him from 2-6 that afternoon. Larry will
gracefully walk off into retirement with his health-both physical and
spiritual. Congratulations, Larry-I will miss seeing you.

Farm life has been sort of slow motion this year. There has been
little snow to move so I’ve kept myself busy with meetings and a
little woodworking in the shop. I am building a cupola for the shop
right now. Like most of my projects, I build and rebuild a lot as I
discover mistakes and make improvements. It’s typically worth the
although rebuilds usually add some weight. I suspect the cupola will
need a crane to hoist it into place.

I remember you once races snowmobiles back in the seventies, Dave.
You raced at a time when suspensions gave about the same cushion as a
yoga mat and a tool bag full of spark plugs was a must. The old I-500
cross-country race is back this week-end. Snow conditions will only
allow about a 300 mile route however plans are for a full five
hundred in the future. Brian Nelson won the race on one of our
beloved John Deere snowmobiles in 1976 then later on an Arctic Cat.
Nelson is the founder of USXC racing and I hope he can make some good
memories for the kids, like me, who once kept a radio in their front
pocket with an ear-bud carefully hidden in their school clothes so
they can keep tabs on the race.
I hope all is going well in Carrington, Dave. I understand most of
your snow is already gone so I imagine a little sun will bring out
the tractors and seeders. I hope you get a little quiet before the
storm. Tell everyone hello.

You’re little bro’


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