barnI started writing Rural Reflections in November of 2000 when it first appeared in the Yesteryears section of the Sunday Grand Forks Herald. I moved to the Northern Watch newspaper in 2007. I began my radio program in about 2005 which is still heard on a few local radio stations.

I have had several computers in that time but have always transferred the radio programs and newspaper columns from the current laptop or desktop to the new computer. This winter, I had all columns and programs transferred on to a thumb drive and then started uploading all of them to my Amazon Cloud Drive. It was a big project and took several evenings of uploading one at a time while watching television or petting that cats.

As of this morning, I am finally done-here’s the statistics.  I have produced a total of 447 Rural Reflections radio programs and 668 newspaper columns. It’s a little amazing to me to think of the changes I’ve experienced in the last 14 years and through it all, I wrote a column each week, every year. The radio programs didn’t start until about 2005 so there’s less of them but I did a radio program each week except for a couple of times when there was a death in the family. I was busy writing the obituary for the deceased so no time for a column those weeks.

I now plan to upload the radio programs to the Public Radio Exchange and slowly post all of those old columns on my Areavoices blog. I also plan to keep writing and keep talking so stay tuned.

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