Letter to Dave



(inspiration for the “feeling accomplished from getting my vehicle washed” came from Beth Kezer-my second cousin. Thanks Beth-royalty check is in the mail)

Dear Dave,


Let’s just cut to the chase; winter is still here. It’s not the sort of scary winter like we see in January but rather its little, mouthy brother who looks a lot like January winter and talks a lot like him but doesn’t have the walk to match the talk. Still…little, mouthy March winter is a thorn in my side.

My perspective is probably colored by the fact I have another cold. Sore throat, my lungs hurt, body aches-all the usual suspects. Every time I cough it feels like the walls of my lungs are made of Velcro and coughing rips them asunder. I’ve spent the last few days mounted on the couch and fighting for space with the cats. I usually allow at least 20 square feet per fed steer when I build a cattle structure so you would think that, based on weight, cats would take considerably less space. The truth is that they need about 4 square feet per animal based upon my observations. They are massive square footage consumers.

Dave, I’m sick but I still want to feel accomplished. When I want to feel accomplished, I usually do something outside. I am restricted to base so my accomplishments are now smaller. I updated my laptops so I can share pictures from my phone with either laptop and I can now upload my radio programs to the Public Radio Exchange from either computer. It’s not like I fought a dragon single-handedly but I had to do something. It’s like when you clean your vehicle at an automatic car wash; the level of accomplishment is disproportionate to the amount of effort expended. Oh well, we shut-ins gotta take our wins where we can get them.

I rented out my pasture for cow/calf grazing, Dave. I don’t see the sense of buying feeders, grazing them all summer and then selling them as finished animals for 60 cents less per pound than the purchase price. Therefore, I will take a few cow/calf pairs under my protective wing/shade structure and see them through the summer of 2015. You know, most of the current cow/calf guys suffered through times when farming was mostly a glorified savings account but they are now squarely in the driver’s seat. It will be fun to be a very small part of this period of time when the people who raise the cows that birth the calves that make this industry tick are actually making good money.

Lisa is home sick today also, Dave. She does not want to watch the History Channel all day which is the channel I prefer when I am home sick. It is an issue. Please send healing thoughts to at least one of us because I can’t watch Doctor Oz or old sitcoms for even one day longer. One of us needs to get well before the “Golden Girls” comes on this afternoon or we will need intervention.

You’re little bro’



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