A few things

barnI thought this week about my expectations of life. I then considered what my dad’s expectations were when he was my age. I think my dad expected his family to love him and respect him. I think he expected to attend church on Sunday and work hard every day. I think life was a surprise and that life was sweet because his expectations were simple. A good day was when mom brought home fresh strawberries to which dad would add a little whole cream and some sugar. I think a nice little surprise like this goes by without notice too often today. This lack of attention due to high expectations leaves people with a lack of satisfaction.

This next paragraph is partly personal; however it is my only way to communicate. I recently received a sum of money at my workplace from an anonymous donor. The wish for this money was that it be used to help those in times of financial need. It was a substantial amount of money and it arrived at my workplace so I have enlisted my employer to help administrate the process. I just wanted the anonymous donor to know that we did receive the money, we are being careful with it and we are using formal channels to do good things with their donation.

I bet those farmers who planted their wheat into dry, cold ground are smiling right now. A few weeks ago, even the most optimistic expectation had lost its shine due to dry conditions. Farmers must have the courage of conviction as they utilized early planting to make use of whatever subsoil moisture existed for germination. This week’s timely rain has compounded those efforts and I have seen a fair amount of wheat already above ground. It is a tremendous outlay of money, time and faith to plant a field to which the outcome will remain unknown for months. I don’t gamble and I don’t grain farm but if I had to do one or the other, I think I would gamble.

I will soon have cattle. I am custom-grazing a few cow/calf pairs this year for some young men who have a small herd just right for our little farm. I am preparing a nice little home for the cattle and will put out the invite as soon as the grass is tall enough to sustain itself during grazing. I have the portable shade structures ready to go and the fence survived with no damage this winter. We’ll see how much of the underground water system was eaten by the gophers even though my good friend, Travis, has established a gopher trap line on our farm. I am confident in his abilities to de-populate our farm of these overly-fanged beasts but it only takes one to chew open a water line. I can take comfort in the fact that I have become skilled at pipe repair. Animals make a farm come alive and things have been kind of peaceful for the last several months-cattle will solve that problem.

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