Letter to Dave

barnDear Dave,

I am a bit late this month with my letter as this should have been sent in May. We talked on the phone last week so I will call this a continuation of that conversation in order to call this a May communication. There, now legal is happy.

Dave, I would guess that every tenth agricultural new story deals with Round-up resistant weeds. We heard about how weeds might become resistant to Round-up but always hoped it would not happen. It unfortunately is slowly happening.

For those looking over our shoulders, the herbicide Round-up kills pretty much everything. Round-up ready corn and soybeans were engineered to resist Round-up which meant that you could plant these crops, spray them with Round-up and kill the weeds while leaving your crop healthy.

I wonder what will a Round-up resistant world look like, Dave. You and I are both familiar with sitting on a tractor slowly cultivating row-crops for hours at a time but young farmers have probably not performed this act. I wonder how many lake homes will go uninhabited should farmers have to come back home and cultivate those row crops thrice-yearly instead of just applying a good spray of Round-up. Row-crop cultivation is torture and I am not sure the uninitiated can take it.

I planted clover in the spring of 2014 through a method called frost-seeding, Dave. Frost seeding is simply spreading seed onto sod or tilled ground and then allowing the process of freezing night-time temperatures and warmer daytime temperatures open the ground enough to create good seed to soil contact. I had a great crop last summer but I hadn’t seen any this year and was sure the shallow snow and cold temperatures had killed my clover. Mark Hayek from NRCS was out here this week and wanted to see the frost-seeded clover. I didn’t want to look because I was sure the clover was dead. We looked at the first paddock and found clover-lots of it. It feels good to snatch a win from the gaping maw of defeat, Dave.

We now have two cats with diabetes, Dave. They are brothers and getting older so I guess it is not such a surprise. Trying to catch one cat for transport to the veterinarian is similar to catching a chicken. Capturing two of them is worse. They are experts at using cover and very quick. Anyway, Red Lake Vet Service takes such good care of our little kitties and Twitch and Magoo are doing fine. Actually, it is no more bother to give two cats a shot of insulin than it is one. I always had to fight-off Twitch when I gave Magoo his shot as Twitch wanted Magoo’s soft, diabetic food. Now we just put out two plates and give each a shot. I told Lisa we should get them a nurse.

I finally finished opening up Lisa’s greenhouse for the summer. We grow everything hydroponically and so fertilizer is delivered to the plant in the water. Unfortunately, last year’s fertilizer residue plugged up most of the lines on one side of the greenhouse. I spent a fair amount of time sucking out the solidified fertilizer which is about the size of a pencil lead. It is like sucking snake venom out of a wound and it is gross. We will run clear water through the system after the planting season to keep things clean.

Dave, I sometimes see messages on boards in front of churches. I have one I would like to add to the mix. “If God is my world-wide web; then faith is my app.” Tell everyone hello, Dave.

Your little bro’

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