How I spent my summer

barnI want to tell you how I spent my summer. I know the first day of summer occurred in the last week. The truth is that summer is already one-third complete. If you are lucky enough not to work on Labor Day, you will most likely awake to a whiff of fall and know that summer lasts only but a blink in Minnesota. For this reason, I am going to avoid the rush and tell you about my summer now.

Like most seasons, I spent summer letting the cats outside and letting them inside. I think there is a special sort of anticipation for cats as to what lies on the other side of a door. Their feline mind must see nothing but possibility with the opening of an entry or an exit. Anyway, I spent much of summer at the door, so did Lisa.

I spent the summer being amazed. I noticed the electric fence was shorting to one of the metal t-posts recently. I tracked the short down and found to my surprise that the fence wire was still mounted to the insulator and would have been fine had it not been for a bird; a very amazing bird. As most birds do, this one had performed its bathroom duties just prior to flight. This bird must have been extremely large as the result was of such size that it was able to bridge the distance in between the wire and the t-post which created the short. I think I may nervously look over my shoulder the next time I notice a large, bird-shaped shadow gracefully moving across the pasture.

I spent the summer being Twitch’s bird dog. Our cat, Twitch, is a good hunter. His prey of choice is red squirrels. He was recently stalking a red squirrel however it was watching him. I immediately moved into a position opposite Twitch and made enough noise so to attract the red squirrel’s attention. Twitch continued a slow stalk until the squirrel noticed his approach. I moved a bit closer to the squirrel and once again gained his focus. Twitch was at this point only feet away and finished the hunt. It was kind of fun to play bird-dog for a cat and Twitch petted me on the head and said I was a good dog afterward.

I spent the summer taking care of cattle. I am custom-grazing cattle for some good young farmers and have spent the summer moving them (the cattle, not the good young farmers) to each paddock all the while trailing shade structures. I recently used my paint-ball applicator to dose them with insecticide. I am pretty good at this now and the cattle have very few flies on them. There are very few flies in the first place as I use predator insects to kill off the deer and horn flies. It’s not always perfect but I give the cattle a pretty nice summer. It is also kind of fun to use the paint-ball insecticide gun. It is actually very fun.

Finally, I spent the summer watching the skies. It’s obvious that unmanned aerial vehicles (uav) will soon be used in agriculture. I don’t really care so much as our lives when viewed from the sky are fairly boring. The one thing I have noticed is how easy it is to see crooked fence from the sky. While most tractor work is done with the help of gps, most fence –building is done by eye. I have always told people that any crooked fence is an optical illusion created by the curvature of the earth. Perspectives sourced from the sky easily prove that thecrooked fence is not an optical illusion, it is simply crooked. Technology is not always our friend.

That’s how I spent my summer. It doesn’t matter that fall does not arrive officially for a few months. You see it will soon be the county fair, then football players will join for captain’s practice and then I will awake on Labor Day to a whiff of fall in the air. It will then be time for me to write of how I spent my autumn.

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