Family reunion

barnLife has been a little funny lately. I have a story I want to tell
you so I’m just going to tell it. I’m not going to edit it. I am
going to write it and send it to the paper.

I love animals. I don’t just appreciate animals for their beauty or
for their practical use; I plainly love animals.

Friday morning I noticed the some of the insulators were missing from
my interior fence. I stopped out to replace the insulators. I was
almost done when I saw the little calf lying in the grass.
I do not believe there is a good time to die. My father was 90 when
he died and he wasn’t ready to die. However, it is a little worse
seeing young things die.

The calf, lying in the grass, was dead. To say I felt sorry for the
calf would be untrue. I am a Christian and believe that calf was with
God as the Bible clearly says God “loves all things.” I just thought
how the calves’ mother now had no little one to nurse from her or for
which to care. I was crushed. I mean I was really crushed; not
crushed like Kim Kardashian is crushed when her favorite make-up is
gone. I felt ashamed and empty.

Life goes on which is nice sometimes but Friday wasn’t a nice day. I
had to move on and get back to my day. I always feel like the whole
day and the whole world should stop when tragedy reaches into my
world but that doesn’t happen.

I really wanted to work-out with my crew of friends that day but I
had spent the morning taking care of business with that little calf.
I called the calf’s owner, called Doctor Johnson for a post-mortem
and went back into town. I really wanted to see my friends from
cycling class but I was going to miss it.

I found a separate work-out machine to exercise by myself. I was
only a little way into the work-out when I heard a loud voice. It was
Chris. Chris is so energetic and full of life that he makes a room
start to vibrate. He came up and talked to me for about five minutes
and really popped me out of the little depression that the calf’s
death created for me. Later, I heard a little sweet, creaky alto
voice say my name. It was Jan. Jan came up beside me and listened to
me breath hard and talk about the calf. Finally, Katie came over from
teaching the class I missed and sat down on the machine closest to
me. We talked just made normal conversation but it made me feel so

I am a closed off person to most unless I trust you like family. A
lot of my family consists of animals and that little calf was
something which made my heart lift but now was dead. I needed
family. In that moment of need, pedaling on the exercise machine, I
needed family- to help me and maybe talk to me.

I needed a brother; Chris came to talk to me.
I needed a sister; Jan came and talked to me.
I needed a niece; Katie came and talked to me.

I felt like I lost family when that little calf died. However in that
moment of time, when I was meek and needed help, I gained a whole new


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