Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

My, my my-what shall we talk about? I guess it is probably obvious to you and I but not everyone.

Viking Good Old Days was last week-end and it was fantastic. The highlight of the week-end was seeing you drive your restored IHC 450 Farmall tractor. It even made the “Times” with a nice picture and caption of how you restored the tractor in honor of our brother, Steve. I was really impressed by the parade and there were many nice floats and some really cherry tractors. I mean they were really impressive. There was even a restored manure spreader that looked better than new!

The Good Old Days program was also a lot of fun and featured great acts and a lot of shared memories. The theme this year was a “PTA Talent Show” and featured memories were of the Viking School, its teachers and support staff. It was one of those bright, shiny week-ends that create memories from which to draw in times when life isn’t so great. Everyone involved should be very proud. It was a tremendous week-end.
It was so nice to see people from Viking and many of my former teachers, Dave. Those teachers did so much for me and I can never forget it. I can trace many of my interests, my personal habits, job selection and philosophies right back to those people. I got to thank a few of them however many of them are now gone.

I must confess Dave; my favorite part of the week-end was watching the tail end of the Viking’s pre-season game together after the program in Viking. It was also nice to have breakfast together the next day. I hope your trip home, and your tractor’s trip, was pleasant.
Farming seems to be going well, Dave which was reflected in the USDA’s recent report. Some are done with combining while others have a fair amount left however it appears to be an excellent overall harvest. I am custom-grazing Peterson’s cow/calf pairs at our place and they look so nice. A pair of people were out here taking pictures of the cattle and my grazing system a few days ago. I recently saw the pictures and was amazed at the condition of the cattle. I think I am so used to seeing cattle in magazines that it is easier to judge cattle condition through a picture rather than face to face.

Finally, Dave I wanted to mention a letter I recently received. Betty Melgard took time from her day to reach out to me. She told me she had always read my column until a change in residence moved her from the Northern Watch coverage area. I sent her one of my books which she finished in one evening. Here’s the thing Dave, Betty is a fellow Bohemian. As Betty read my book, she noticed that our mother’s maiden name was Zavoral and she figured it out; we’re both Bohunks! I know a fellow Czech almost right away and Betty said something “struck a chord” when she and I spoke on the phone which was confirmed by the book.
Again, nice to see you and the family last week-end.
You’re little bro’

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