Yeah, it’s fall

barnRecent overnights lows have reached the thirties in western North Dakota, people are making plans for a trip to the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers’ Reunion and mowing the lawn is no longer a twice-weekly chore. It is fall.

Don’t check your calendar; a calendar is just a grid with some dates and pictures of goats in trees or maybe a picture of an old tractor just above the grid. Calendars and seasons to me are suited more to geographical areas with less variety and less volatility in their weather. The greatest indicator of autumn is when the cats don’t want to adventure outdoors at night because it is too cold. I am sitting here now flanked by the cats and they want nothing to do with outside.

What does fall mean? It means you should finish your summer projects now or you will spend the winter with only Tyvek on your house because you ran out of time to side it. I am not sounding the alarm too soon as most projects take longer than planned and progress only slows when you have to wear gloves. Get on it now or else your summer of 2015 projects will become spring of 2016 projects.

My summer projects are done with the exception of a shop door installation. I ordered the door in June from one of the Grand Forks lumber yards and finally received it in late August. I never expect what I order to arrive the first time and if it does then it is typically the wrong item. The shop door did not disappoint. There’s a certain forced patience that is implied with any merchandise order of this kind.

You can see the desperation in the eyes of parents as they buy clothes for their child’s return to school. These are the final days of the three-day week-end. The three-day week-end was made for camping or a lake home and those times will soon be gone. No one spends an extra vacation day when it is cold outside, better to be at work where misery loves-lunch.

I need to get busy soon however I just noticed the instructions to door installation include three separate drill bits. I don’t know if I have all three separate bits however I do have one tool that makes all the other tools work-resourcefulness. A resourceful person knows that a 3/16 bit, a ¼ inch bit and 5/16 bit are all the same bit. You just use the 3/16 bit for each hole but “waller-out” the ¼ a bit more and “Waller” the 5/16 even more.

I could compare fall to an aging man’s life or get sentimental as I review a summer quickly fading. The truth is, I have concrete proof of fall. I just arrived home from the first day of the sugar beet harvest pre-pile. Since 1991, my fall has included the harvest, this one is no different. I came home a little dusty, kind of highway-friend and tired of my own sandwiches after one day. Yeah, it’s fall.


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