Twitch Nelson cheats death

100_0007I am on the couch with Laine, Magoo and Twitch. These three are the
cats that live with Lisa and I. These three live in our house because
of work; Lisa’s work and my work. Laine was tamed from a wild cat
over a period of 1 ½ years. Our friendship with Magoo and Twitch came
about much more easily until recently when they both became diabetic.

Magoo’s diabetes was fairly easy to regulate, he just required a
disciplined and structured application of insulin. Twitch became
diabetic about eight months after his brother and brought with him
diabetes that was much more difficult to regulate. It has been quite
a little work to monitor his diabetes and give insulin.

Twitch almost died twice this summer. I know that sounds
overly-dramatic but I took time off from work so that I was available
to pick up his corpse. He surprised us both times. Each brush with
death began with an infection that complicated his diabetes which we
were still trying to regulate through testing his glucose and
adjusting his insulin. Last week-end, Twitch Nelson cheated death,

You had to know the story of Twitch and his diabetes for context, now
want to tell you the real story. First off, if your cat is ever
diagnosed with diabetes, don’t fall apart. Long-acting insulin exists
for cats and
special food to help moderate there reaction to glucose. The most
important thing you can do is just be patient, do what you
veterinarian says and take your time when you give your cat his shot.
The needles are so small that your cat probably won’t even
notice-just give him some food, pet him a little on the back and give
him the shot.
This part of my column is a love letter to Red Lake Falls Veterinary
clinic. Twitch was so sick on his two emergency visits to Red Lake
Vet that I didn’t have a lot of hope. One these visits, the people at
Red Lake Falls Vet; laid him on warming towels, fed him, gave him
insulin, intravenous fluids, did blood work, injected antibiotics and
held him. Yeah, they held him. Twitch is a pretty emotional cat and
I’m sure that being held helped convince him that he was going to be
okay. I called once to see how he was doing and Janet was holding him
while she talked to me. I guess that made me feel pretty good, too.

I don’t understand people who have no compassion for animals. I have
found it best to avoid them. The field of veterinary medicine is a
science and requires smart, well-trained people. As living beings we
all have systems within our body that need to work well for us to be
healthy. Those systems all work better when the brain is running
properly. Nothing makes the brain run better than a little compassion
which, if you’re a small animal, means to be held or petted. I fully
believe there are quiet warriors walking in soft shoes and scrubs at
veterinaries across the nation. However, the ones at Red Lake Falls
Vet are ours; Twitch, Laine, Magoo, Lisa and I thank-you.

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