Christmas Songs

barnA few days ago, one of my fellow employees noticed me quietly singing Christmas music while I worked. My co-worker liked the music and so did I. There’s just something about the music of Christmas.
First off, I sing Christmas music year-round. I do this mostly while driving or working at home so most never hear me. I would celebrate Christmas every month if allowed. I just love the time allowed for reflection during this holiday and nothing fires my reflections like Christmas music.
If you are my age, you sang in the school choir; until high school, everyone sang in the chorus. People my age learned that “excelsis deo” is pronounced “egg shell sheez day-oh.” We learned some lyrics that we probably did not fully understand until later in life. I did not realize that there was actually a Good King Wenceslas until I began to care about history. When I was young, I just really liked saying Wen-ces-las in that crisp staccato way which we were taught. I still love to hear a baritone take the melody on that particular song; it’s just so full and rich.
One Christmas song really holds my attention, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.” This song has a nice melody but the words are so inspirational and thought-provoking. Here’s small section of the lyrics;
“God rest ye merry, gentlemen
Let nothing you dismay
Remember, Christ, our Saviour
Was born on Christmas day
To save us all from Satan’s power
When we were gone astray”
Okay, if you are a Christian there is nothing of more relief than to be reminded that you should be light of heart as Jesus bore your sin to the cross. Some folks believe the faithful have no sin, which is baloney. We have sin; we just have somewhere to rid ourselves of the sin. These lyrics are also a strong reminder that sin originates in Satan’s power and that Jesus was born to save us from that evil force. Also to sin is to walk astray from the path prepared for us by God. Finally, I’m sure every generation wonders this but, I do question that perhaps the world has gone astray again. It makes me a little scared but then I remember that Jesus was born as both a cure and a preventative to the power of sin, the devil and death. I remember that it is my responsibility to be faithful and that I can co-exist with the actions and laws of those who only pretend to say the words of this song.
I want to leave you happy at Christmas. I believe that eternal life is a gift but a happy life on this earth is gained by pursuit. If you want happiness during Christmas then remember that this is a celebration of the birth of Jesus. It is a time to remember the gifts of freedom from death and evil brought by this birth which we need only accept. These things should make happy-happy enough to sing. Merry Christmas.

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