Looking Back

barnI don’t believe life is long-enough to afford the expense of looking
back too often. If ever there was a time for to install a magnifying
glass into your personal rear-view mirror, it might be now. It is the
end of another year.

If you don’t read any further than this I will tell you right now my
favorite part of the whole year. Our cat, Twitch, is alive and doing
well. Lisa and I held his little paw and helped him get through a
very rough part of his life. Diabetes in felines is fairly common and
Twitch went through some really miserable times to get to this point.
If I never accomplish anything else in my life, I will always be
proud of the work Lisa and I did to get Twitch and his brother Magoo
back to good health.

I was a little weak on projects this year. I built a few things but
work held my attention most of the time. I spent most of my summer
either replacing garage doors or springs. Winding a torque spring is
a little like petting an anaconda and I had to perform this same task
several times as I was given the incorrect springs. I am now a
proficient garage door installer and hopefully never have to prove it

I changed positions in 2015. I think all of the management I
performed with my
Management Intensive Grazing program trained my mind to manage and
hope to use it in my new position. I will also say that I work with
an incredible group of professionals. I have never seen a better

Speaking of cattle, I plan to custom graze again in 2016. The boys
are bringing more cattle this year and I am really excited. I have a
new seeding plan this year that involves spinning seed onto an open
paddock and then letting the cattle work the seed into the ground. I
have plan to build a bale unroller which I will use to spread hay
across the paddock to be planted. The cattle will then hoof the seed
into the ground as they pursue the hay.

I will always remember Christmas Eve as one of the best we’ve had in
a long time. Some of the best people I know spent Christmas Eve at
our home. It was awesome. We had a huge box of Barb Nelson’s Krumkake
on the kitchen island. I have never eaten Krumkake that holds
together so well and tastes so good. I believe I know her secret for
such a sturdy treat but will never tell.

I hope your 2015 was great but will pale in comparison to 2016.

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