Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

I am again buried under blankets and serving as a cat pillow as a write you my monthly letter. I have directed much of my winter from this perch and continue to rely on the consultation of our on-staff felines as I pursue relaxation. I have always regarded time spent on the couch as time wasted but I have come to call my own personal sloth “active down time.” It is phrase that is contradictory and veiled enough to make watching a movie seem almost productive.

Our nephew, Jamie, suggested a trip out to Carrington to visit you. I love these little daytrips. Although a trip to Carrington lies outside the 23 mile radius within which I typically inhabit, it is so familiar that I enjoy it. Our trips to see you normally involve breakfast and probably some of the best farm-talk in which I have ever participated. Between us three, there is such a variety of topics and perspectives that it warrants an initial breakfast, coffee and then a second breakfast. Anyway, I suspect February will house our trip but no date has yet to be announced.

I have spent a fair amount of time at the gym this year, Dave. I am proficient at keeping a stressful look on my face during the class while continually searching for ways in which to make my work-out easier-ok, that’s not really true. I don’t work-out to change my life; I work-out to maintain the freedom to continue to live my life as I like. So far, it has worked pretty well. I also have met some of the best people during class; people with whom I share refreshingly tepid hotdog water and pre-moistened, anti-microbacterial wipes.

barnI am excited at the prospect of spring, Dave. The easy winter makes me feel like we’ve gotten away almost scot-free from the pain associated with the fourth season. I know there exists the possibility of cold and snow yet and so I want to escape to April before winter catches us. April is no guarantee of freedom from winter but an April storm is like being bit by a puppy as opposed to January storms which are more like being bit by its mother.

I am still working on the overhead shop door, Dave. This has been a long process made even longer by the fact I had to wire the shed before installing the overhead door opener. The problem is, I hate heights. Also, I do everything by myself which means that I typically use ropes or makeshift 2×4 derricks to hold the dumb end of any project. It takes time to do things right and takes even more time when the laborer (me)is made up mostly of Carhartt outerwear and the desperate fear known only by people who fear heights and ladders.

I plan to wire up the controller today, Dave and-barring any slipping or falling to the awaiting concrete below-should be able to put this project to bed.
I had more to say, Dave but a stamp will only carry so much. Tell everyone hello and that I will get that helmet to Ryan next time I leave my protective 46-mile circle.

Your little bro’

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