Letter to Dave/Why the carpenter gets to eat steak.

Dear Dave,

You have to indulge me a little here, Dave. When I talk about music, it is typically country music. Last week I was coming out of a meeting when I heard the artist commonly known as Prince, had died. My friends and I listened to a lot of music in high school and a high percentage of that music was performed by Minnesota resident Prince. The stuff you do before your twenties really sticks. Any experience after my teens is something I just carry with me but the stuff before that is a part of me. Anyway, a lot of my teen experiences occurred while Prince played on the radio. purple bridgeIt feels a little like he was there for me during those times and I feel bad that he is now gone. I kind of owe him for the help but he is gone. Anyway, Prince’s favorite color was purple and Governor Dayton wants to make it Minnesota’s official color; this Governor has done worse things so I hope it happens.

I went to Alexandria last week, Dave. I decided that I am tired of serving as my only source of material lifting capabilities and so wish to purchase a loader tractor. I traveled to Alexandria to look at an old Mobility Big Dipper. People will probably remember these little loaders from fertilizer plants before skid steers became popular. This loader was all-wheel drive with a separate hydraulic motor at each wheel. This is great because hydraulic fluid transfers torque pretty well plus it eliminates shafts and gears. Unfortunately, this little unit leaked so much from so many different seals that the only way I could have used it was to mount a drop seeder on the back and let it distribute Floor-Dry anywhere I drove. It was kind of fun to drive but the trip was more than I would attempt again in an afternoon.

20 years ago, I would have wanted as big a tractor as I could afford. Today, I want something low to the ground so I don’t have to climb the Matterhorn each time I use it. I also want something with a loader that is truly quick-attach. It seems almost a bad joke when you need a four pound sledge and crowbar to mount a quick-attach loader. I mean, is that really quick? I know Dad eventually transitioned from International-Harvester tractors to John Deere but I think my heart does not pump green. It’s like I said, the stuff you do as a teenager becomes part of you and we had International Harvester equipment when I was a kid. I guess I will always ride for the brand.

I guess this letter comes down to colors; red for International Harvester and purple for Prince. One more color too, green. . I finally finished my door on the green shed, Dave. Unreal how much work is involved, my hat is off to all of those carpenters out there, Dave. Here’s a couple of pictures. Tell everyone Hello.

shop door before
shop door before

door during construction
door during construction

shed door finished
shed door finished

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