My Week

So Garrison Keillor is gone from the radio. After 42 years, the host of a Prairie Home Companion decided to retire as host and spend more time writing. 1280px-PrairieHomeCompanionGKcastI really enjoyed Prairie Home until recently when it got a little political. I don’t mind jokes at political leaders expense however when they always seem slanted against one political party, it turns from comedy to politics. Politics wasn’t what I was listening for from Lake Wobegon, I wanted to smile. Anyway, without Keillor’s writing skills, the show may be turning to more music which won’t allow me that beautiful, two hour window of time which I could never fully account for and was truly happy for it.

It’s fair week here in Pennington County. Animals get pedicures

pretty hooves
pretty hooves
and bulls get ridden for eight second intervals followed by some rest. I mentioned the Thief River Falls Beard and Mustache competition last week but if you would like to compete, plan to arrive at the Grandstand by noon Saturday for registration then be ready to compete by one that afternoon. Proceeds go to the Pennington County DARE program.dare-logo

Did you experience the nasty little squall we had Tuesday night? Mine was a shared experience as my friend Chris had come out for a tour of our little farm. We could see the white line approaching from the west however I insisted it would be a light spray. Chris had a well-founded apprehension but I was full of confidence that there might be a little wind but only a light mist. I wondered why a a black pick-up had stopped along the road. I thought perhaps the pickup had broke down however I soon realized the driver had decided to become an audience for the little drama playing out in the pasture. FoggDam-NT

I mashed down on the accelerator as we bounced across the grass and gopher holes bound for the safety of our yard. When the squall hit us, the wind was so strong against the cab and windshield that I felt our progress slow. We made it to the gate crossing but it was too late. The rain and wind formed a solid sheet that made progress impossible. I aimed the atv into the wind and we hunkered down. I never keep the doors on the cab during the summer so water poured in from each side. It was like someone was throwing buckets of water at us. The whole experience was similar to a trip through a car wash. Even the wind reminded me of the blowers that dry your car as you drive out. I guessed the wind at 55 miles per hour but the National Weather Service showed 49 maximum mph.

Lisa was prepared when we got back to the house. She had prepared towels for us to dry off however she was also prepared to laugh. I mean she was really having fun. She said that she saw the sheet moving east and heard us in the distance and these two situations created a fairly humorous picture of her husband and friend as human kites. 15 minutes later, it was sunny outside.

Anyway, that was my week; a trip through nature’s car wash, preparation for the fair and saying good-bye to Lake Wobegon.

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