Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

Weather is too easy a topic, Dave-let’s instead talk about perspective. People have grown tired of repeated severe weather, so have I. lightning-399853__180However, I think many people are tired of the rain which I am not. I mean, last fall was dry enough that it was very hard to step temporary fence posts into the ground. I had to look for old manure pats as they keep the soil moist which makes stepping in a post much easier. As much rain as we’ve received, I can still drive my ATV almost anywhere in the pasture and the tires are still dry. We needed rain to recharge the soil, it has just been too focused in some areas and untimely in others. It is my perspective that we needed much of this rain, it’s just that the delivery system needs to be restructured.

I am listening to classic country on the radio, Dave. I like to stay informed by listening to Minnesota Public Radio but it has become too much effort. I don’t mind the effort of listening to balanced news and making my own decisions. I do tire of constantly converting biased news delivery into something I case use. Their news delivery is skewed by delivering only the information that backs their perspective on current events. There’s rarely a counter-point to any point made by the reporter. Instead, there’s a supposed expert who bolsters the perspective of the reporter. I want the current events reporting but am always leery when offered “perspective” on the news. It’s like someone offers you steak but only if you will use their sauce on it. I like the steak; they can keep their sauce.

We were low on provisions this morning, Dave. Actually, we had plenty except in the coffee division of Lisa’s Kitchen Inc. cup-877525_960_720We purchased quite a bit of coffee a month ago when it was on sale. The problem when you have plenty is that you never believe you will need again. This morning all the comfort of all that coffee came to an end with me scraping the bottom of the coffee jar in an effort to find some coffee grounds. I found a little and rubbed it on my gums but it did nothing. I am currently drinking some instant coffee I purchased about a decade ago. It’s really not too bad particularly from the perspective of having instant or nothing.

Dave, I used to spray weeds in the pasture. Use of rotational grazing has made our pasture healthy so we don’t have too many weeds. We do still get little patches of Bull Thistle.Spear_Thistle,_Ottawa I used to mix up a big tank of 2-4-D to spot-spray these weeds but never used the whole tank. I would save what was left and use it another time however it was heavy to lift and sometimes the intake filter plugged. I recently began using the small, one-gallon, pre-mixed jugs of 2-4-D to spray these few weeds. It’s pre-mixed so it’s clean and simple to use. I use the leftovers on any weeds in the yard so there’s nothing left to sit around. It definitely costs a bit more but it is easy to use and my perspective on work has changed over time. I’ve noticed that difficult tasks don’t always come to completion so I am willing to pay for a little convenience.

Mary, Dave and me (circa 70's)
Mary, Dave and me (circa 70’s)

One more thing, Dave. I really like the pictures of you and Mary on Facebook. I guess my perspective there is I miss seeing those faces.

You’re little bro

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