Away From Home

The sun comes up the same in St Cloud as it does at home. The similarities end there.

I don’t leave home a lot. Lisa and I have varied interests but we try to satisfy them close to home. The cats need an insulin injection every 12 hours so that doesn’t leave much time for travel. Leaving home is on an “as-needed” basis.
I had to travel twice in the last two weeks; once to the cities and now to St Cloud. This might not seem like much to the average person but it is the equivalent of travel into lower earth orbit for me. I’ve read that as recently as 50 years prior, the average person never went much further than 25 miles from their home. This seems reasonable to me.

Of course, a big part of any trip is the company you keep. Lisa and I used to take fairly distant trips with Theresa and Jeanette. I relax when I have some company but driving by myself to distant ports is difficult. Adam and I had planned to travel together this week but Paul joined us after he had some car trouble. He had planned to drive separately but joined us just before the trip. Adam and I spontaneously expressed our glee as we really wanted him in the car with us. It was a mixed glee as we also felt sympathy for his car troubles.

Anyway the trip went great and we ordered pizza that night with a side of relaxation. I dreamt all night that the cattle had not been fed and they were angrily knocking down trees, this was not close to true as someone will feed them while I am gone. No matter how far a person travels, you are never far from the farm when you have cattle.

Breakfast was really good here at the hotel. Eggs Benedict is one of my favorites and I got a beautiful little tray with two eggs and hash browns. The ham that sat beneath the eggs was as thick as any I’ve eaten on Easter. The sauce was thick and the hash browns were crisp but didn’t chip my teeth. I sat and organized my schedule and kept the hotel kitchen busy making coffee.

The conference I attended was for work. Most of what was said confirmed ideas I had developed form experience but it is so nice to hear answers to questions directly from the source. I took lots of notes with my little laptop to share when I get back. It was a good experience.

I am finishing this column just before our return trip home. This is the most delicious part of any trip. If you want to discover what you treasure in life, go without it for a bit. I woke up this morning thinking about Lisa, our cats, the cattle and an excellent project I can finish this week-end. Maybe the real enlightenment of any trip is in how it sorts out your life and priorities. Anyway, I will be home soon.

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