Our National Media-a National Shame.

It occurred to me this morning that our media has finally attained a truly symbiotic relationship with our government. This is not as it should be, our media is not supposed to be a cheerleader but rather a harsh examiner.
You may like it when the media is kissin’-cousins with your political party but the national media is a fickle bunch and you will not like it when they turn their collective back on the way you think.
Our biased media ranges anywhere from blatant to very subtle. The media that clearly supports one political party over the other is so blatant that they are no longer relevant. I believe that most people view these 24-hour political infomercials in such a way that they share little DNA with real, unbiased hard reporting.
What really concerns me are the more subtle, subversive forms of biased reporting. These are the news sources that seem so reasonable and present their news in calm, passive voices. These are the same news sources who carefully choose words to support only one side of a debate. These are the same sources who will look at an officer-involved shooting and only mention that the person shot was unarmed and never mention that he was also trying to take the officer’s gun. These are the same sources who will report on leaked government secrets but instead of truly discussing these leaks, they will bring an expert on to speak about how to secure your email server. They report the news but only from one view-they undermine the 1st Amendment in such subtle, pervasive ways that these news sources are much worse than the more bombastic sideshows which are so obvious.

The national news may support your views so well that you are willing to trade the freedom of a truthful, unbiased media for the hubris of constantly hearing your own views as gospel. This view may change to another philosophy in the future and then your views may never receive any time and will never be discussed in a public forum and you will hate it. That is why our media was given the 1st Amendment; to be a watchdog over our government. They are not supposed to trumpet one philosophy over the other. It is really simple, they are supposed to tell the truth and back the truth with facts gathered from listening to all sides of a topic.
All political parties have one need they want serviced, power-they need power. To maintain that power, they must stay in office. To stay in office, they must make sell their efforts to the public. There is no more efficient way to do this than through our media which saturates our culture. That is not the job of the media. The media is supposed to protect us from our own government instead of acting as a shepherd to bring us to a pasture where we can feed on half-truths. They are not supposed to trumpet one party over the other. They are supposed to trumpet the truth.
In most fascist states, leaders will brutally take over the media and use it as their own. Our national media has enjoyed protections like no other. They should have used these rights to do their job and fearlessly protect the people of the United States. Instead, our national media have used this right as an opportunity to indulge themselves in their own interests, their own beliefs and their own pocketbook. They gave themselves to one philosophy of government without even a fight.

Our national media is a shame and the greatest threat to our freedom that exists today.

hackers vs journaists

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