A Viking Saturday

Most texts I receive on my cell phone are practical, just plain information. Occasionally, I get one of those good texts that change the course of a day or week-end. I got one of those texts recently.
Friday morning, a mass text arrived from my brother, Dave. He and his dog, Barney, were coming to Viking for a day and wanted to know if we were free.
Dave does these little day-trips a few times every year. He leaves early and visits as many people as possible. It has always been a big deal when Dave and his family came up for a week-end so there is a real sense of occasion when Dave comes home.

We met at the Viking Diner. Never has the heart of a small town beat so well with such strength as this little café. The Viking acts as a diner, a center of business and holder of Viking’s memories. My first experience with déjà vu was at the old Farmer’s Store in Viking when I was probably 7. The Viking Café is built on the same ground as the Farmer’s Store and I still get that same heady rush.

Lisa and I ordered fried Klub with side pork. I ordered two and the beautiful pile I received could have fed three. It kept me full until about six that night. Our family filled the big, round table in the back of the café as we talked about getting old, drank coffee, talked about drinking coffee and ate excellent food. It was nice to see all the Viking people and to just soak up all the nostalgia that comes from seeing the ground where you were young.
After breakfast, a few of us went out the farm where we all grew up. My nephew now owns the place and has made a lot of changes. The old round barn was no longer repairable so it is now gone. The good news is a new, red barn is going up in its place. I thought about all the old fence lines that had been replaced by new high-tensile wire and how organized and nice everything looks at the farm. Jamie is doing us proud as he stands on my brother, Steve’s, shoulders just like Steve did with my dad.

I spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon in digestion. I borrowed from my bovine friends as I also ruminated on the events of the morning. It was so nice to have my wife with me as we ate at a place that features some of the best things I can remember with some of the best people I know. It was like being a kid during show and tell and being allowed to show everything at one time. I hope Dave sends me another mass text again sometime soon.

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