Letter to Dave

(the featured image this week is from Dave’s collection. I am using it with only his implied permission as he didn’t answer his cell phone this morning!)

Dear Dave,

If there is one constant in my life it is this: people enjoy the letters I write to you. These same people also tell me how much they like our little communications-even though they are the easiest columns I ever write. The effort I make for my columns seems not to have any effect on their popularity. I think people like these letters because they are simple and sincere. Let’s do another one today.
Okay, first off the pictures you have taken around Carrington, North Dakota are excellent. The pictures seem to get better and more interesting with each set. Lisa and I really enjoyed the picture of the full moon as a backdrop with old tree branches reaching out across the glowing planet. It was an eerie, touching, nostalgic picture than needs nothing more than a frame. Keep it up.
Speaking of nostalgia, I recently posted a picture of the variety pack of Lifesavers onto my Facebook page. lifesaver book It was the cardboard package that folded out like a book and contain several varieties of the delicious little candy. So many people reacted to the picture with memories of receiving the assortment as a Christmas gift. It was a United Nations of candy and included Pep-o-Mint, Butter Rum and coconut-among others.
We may receive our first snow storm of the season, Dave. I suspect you might get a portion of it too. So many people get nostalgic over the first storm of the winter. I am not one of them. Nothing cures a big warm case of storm-nostalgia like having to shovel that stuff out of the way. Anyway, my big concern of any weather event is how it will affect the cattle. This is no longer a concern.
Wednesday morning, our cattle went home for the Winter. We custom graze cattle and so act as a sort of summer camp. Summer, and most of the fall, has ended. It was a good grazing season as we had plenty of rain and the fly-predators killed off most of the biting flies. We were a comfortable bunch and I will return the cattle to their owners with a nice layer of fat and some very large calves.
Thanksgiving is almost here, Dave. After that, it is the Christmas season. Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ but I always try to find a theme that helps me celebrate in a more meaningful way. While some may find pressure during Christmas because they are so concerned about the “perfect” present or decorating just so-I concern myself with greater meaning or new perspective. Nothing wrong with presents or decorating, they just shouldn’t occupy the main focus.
Keep taking pictures, Dave-you have a real talent. Shine up your aluminum scoop shovel for winter and I hope you enjoyed this letter as well as those invited guests peering over our shoulders.

Your little bro’

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