Dave’s Portfolio

My brother Dave lives in Carrington, North Dakota. He snaps pictures around Carrington for fun. I have been to Carrington many times and really like the town but I never see it so well as when I view it through Dave’s efforts.

Dean’s Punkin’
Dave’s son in law is Dean Pennington. He grows pumpkins competitively among a few friends who like friendly competition. This one was over 600 pounds and sat in Dave and Mary’s front yard.
Barn Skeleton
They say a building is still worth repairing if it has good bones. These bones must have been pretty good to last this long but probably not worth the remodel-still a beautiful old structure.
Dave’s Perspective
Everyone deals with life in one way or another. This is what Dave sees when he’s shedding the heft of another busy day.
Dave’s Moon
Dave’s decision to take this picture started with one simple reason-the ground was flat. He then noticed two little trees so he used his position to move the background to include what you see. My favorite picture.
Dave and Mary
I have written letters to my brother Dave, for 16 years. I rarely include a picture of he or his wife with the column. I would like to change that this week

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