Christmas Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

Merry Christmas to the Nelsons of Carrington from us Nelsons from the outlying area of Thief River Falls! Lisa and I look forward to whatever form a Nelson Christmas takes when we all get together, whenever it happens, wherever it happens.

Until then, we continue to prepare for Christmas, Dave. I feel like this is one of our best, most thankful Christmas seasons in a long time. I have prayed before bed-time all my life. In the last few months, I have tried something new. I quit asking for anything. I started praying for God’s will which was a little scary. I mean, asking for loss of control in your life takes a strong, faithful leap but it really has paid off. I feel very thankful for everything and have received blessings in my life that I never even considered and for which I never would have thought to ask. I think it is a profound change in my life that is a Christmas gift beyond anything available through Amazon Prime.

I just heard that shivering can use almost 400 calories per hour, Dave; I should be emaciated by spring. Winter has always been fun for me. I enjoyed being outside to feed cattle or snow removal but last Friday I shivered for one of very few times in my life. I came out of work and had to fumble with a chain and padlock without my gloves on for a few seconds and started shivering. I even considered southern climates in retirement for a bit during the first snow removal. I am all better now but I guess winter’s cold burns out the weakness in all of us.

I know we, our family and extended family love to feed animals. Feeding animals is always rewarding but never more so than when it is so cold outside. A few dollars’ worth of sunflowers and corn cobs makes such a change in the lives of our little outdoor birds, squirrels and rabbits. During the recent cold snap, I was leaving a single corn cob in two places about every six hours and a scoop of sunflowers every day-plus the bird feeders. I try to move the feeding sites every few days to keep everything clean. I firmly believe Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birth however I hope that bringing gifts of food to God’s smallest creatures is a worthwhile offering and makes God feel that I was a worthwhile creation and worth the investment of His son.

I’m not sure what weather will arrive Christmas day but Christmas Eve seems pretty secure. Our Christmas Eves are festive and it sounds like we will have strong attendance this year, it should be awesome. Please give all your family love from Lisa and I and Merry Christmas!

You’re little bro’

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