Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

People always talk of signs of spring; robins nesting, snow melting and grass greening-I have one better-the straw is off the septic drain field. I feel like I put the soil to bed when I cover it each fall with straw so what better exemplifies spring’s entrance that pulling the covers back by removing all of that wet, heavy straw?

I did some frost-seeding a few weeks ago when the snow left. I spun white and red clover plus some Birdsfoot Trefoil seed on the frozen ground. As temperatures warmed during the day and night was still freezing, the tiny seed falls into minute openings in the soil. I will follow this up by mowing any grasses that may compete with the young plants. A little rain and some sunshine and I will have renovated pasture.

My new tractor has settled in pretty well now and maintains a select spot on the floor of the big shop. I’ve started making the tractor mine, Dave. I ordered a new seat for it and place to replace a few instruments in the near future. The lights don’t work so I will have to test the wiring and fix if necessary. I hope that the lights just need new bulbs or I may even replace the lights with something a little more modern. There’s nothing like performing your own work to gain real ownership of any piece of equipment-a fact you well know, Dave.

I continue to cover the barn in red steel, Dave. I will have to hire the work done on the tall, gable-end but most of the other work is complete. I should finish the trim work today and then I will only have to hang the doors and do a little work on the interior trusses. I hope the cattle notice but probably not, at least I will always know the work I completed on their summer home.

Dave, Santa Claus was just here; she wears a UPS uniform and drives a van instead of a sleigh with reindeer. Yep, I just received my order of cattle fencing accessories! Nothing makes me happier than improving cattle fence and this delivery will help. I can now add another remotely-controlled cattle fencer, sub-divide my pasture paddocks and a bunch of other fun things that keep cattle on the correct side of the fence. I received my new wire cutter and daisy strainers which I use to tighten the fence. Future shipments will bring pigtail fence posts, indicator lights that show presence of fenceline electricity and even a pan-tilt-zoom camera so I can keep an eye on the cattle even when I am not present. My world may be small, but it is very cool.

Sorry to see the snow in Carrington, Dave. You guys have seen your share of tough winter weather and I guess it needed to take one more shot at you. Tell everyone hello.

Your little bro’

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