Sunday Morning Reflections

I like to amplify my thoughts during an occasional column. These columns have no single focus, no agenda and only the most vague ending. It’s just what I am thinking about on a Sunday morning.

Ron West

Okay, I went for groceries this morning and listened to the radio there and back. Ron West was at the board at the college station and he had my attention. West plays some real country music. It is not just the last remnants of traditional country from the 1990’s, either. It is Lefty Frizzel, Ray Price, Randy Travis and others who haven’t been given radio space in years. When you play this sort of music, you are making a statement. Playing real country music every time instead of just pop music on a banjo is like the difference between saying you are “spiritual” and being a Christian. It takes a a little faith to play the real stuff and stand by it. Love of country comes from deep inside, it’s like the first time I met Lisa-all others became irrelevant. Anyway, I love the show Ron-good job.

Dave’s Hiller?

Okay, my brother Dave posted a picture on Facebook the other day. The picture was off an old garden tool from long ago and he asked someone to help identify its purpose. I enjoy reverse-engineering stuff but it’s difficult to know for sure if a guess is correct. Anyway, the tool has spikes on the wheel, a trip mechanism and a large plow/shovel on the back. Some of the guesses included a machine for creating hill for garden plantings, a tool to dig root crops or a tool to gather roots crops already dug. I suggested the spikes on the wheels were for creating small, uniform holes for seed but I believe that was inccorect. Most likely the spikes are there to create traction for the steel wheel. Any guesses?

The floating bag

Lisa and I had something so random and nice happen when we were driving to town. I asked her to accompany me on a trip to pick up some building materials on a Saturday afternoon. Somewhere a plastic bag had been left outside, the wind had picked it up and floated it along just long enough so the bag crossed our path as we approached the tar road. The bag soon fell to the ground after it flew over us. It started out somewhere else and kept flight until we had a chance to see it and then it just fell to the ground. I don’t know what it was but Lisa and I both felt so lucky to see this bag in flight. I wish I could give this event some huge meaning but I think the the closest I can come is that appreciating the simple things might be the sugar in our lives. Don’t disregard even the smallest things that happen today because that might be all you get.

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