Proud to Nap

I think everyone needs the occasional indulgence. Some may indulge in food, drink or wild purchasing-doesn’t matter to me nor do I judge how a person spoils themselves. I have my own indulgences however one favorite is-the nap.

I get a good night’s sleep whenever our cats allow which is fairly often however each afternoon at 2:30 I get tired. Most times, I am at work so I get a cup of coffee. On occasion, I can celebrate my afternoon sleepiness with a trip to the couch.

A nap serves me in that is is the perfect preparation for any large afternoon job. I can awake from a quick slumber full of energy and attack a project with renewed vigor and a sharp mind-it is akin to purchasing a performance bond as I can guarantee a completed project post-nap.

A nap is not hours and hours of sleep. I think sleeping that long during the day is begging for insomnia at night. My nap is 10-15 minutes and I usually end thief brief couch-vacation with a startled mind as if I have been there all afternoon.

I have historical basis for my nap as my dad used to take a nap each afternoon. Gene Nelson was a hard-working man until the day he died and if he thought a nap was worthwhile then who am I to disagree? Dad would lay on the carpet with a pillow after dinner for a few minutes then get up and go put in another 8 hours or so. He couldn’t always fall asleep but he saw the sense in at least attempting brief slumber.

Everyone cites poll numbers to justify whatever action they take-no one seems to do anything because their gut tells them it is the correct thing to do. Some would say this is good science however I would say you need strength of character to do what feels right. Taking a nap just feels right to me however I bet if someone was bored enough, they could prove that a nap is healthful and leads to better productivity using scientific methods. Myself, I will continue to show my independence and trust my own counsel through participation in the napping culture.

Finally, I give you-the cat. I have lived with cats much of my life and they are nap experts. I’ve read that cats spend up to 20 hours per day taking asleep. They are so well-known for this habit that their lifestyle has inspired the phrase, “cat-nap.” Cats are the most relaxed animals I know; I suspect his comes from equal parts of giving little credence to what others think of them and their proficiency at the cat-nap. Their’s is a fine example to follow.

If you are bored on a Sunday afternoon or listless then do not feel bad or search your mind for a way to occupy your time. What you have on your hands is time and opportunity-time for an indulgence you will not be offered during the week and opportunity for more energy, better creativity and maybe even better health. Go take a nap.

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