On the Radio

My parents kept my stuff from when I was young. Old school books, reports and tests ended up in a box and kept as a sort of time capsule. When dad died, I ended up with a couple boxes of things I couldn’t use but also a few I could. Most of the stuff just made me feel nostalgic but one piece of paper was actually helpful.

I don’t know if English teachers still ask their students to write a theme about what the student wants to be however my English teacher did assign this task. I thought it was kind of cliché’ but I hammered it out back in 1983 or ’84. I assumed back then that the teacher wanted to get me to think about my future, Today I think what she was doing was giving me a chance to create a road map while I still remembered the path.

I think most of us know what we like to do as young people. It would be nice if we could perform this task and earn money but often times what we like to do and what pays the bills are not similar which is understandable. The problem is, we end up telling ourselves that the tasks we enjoy have no value unless their performance creates money. Eventually we forget these little joys and lose our way.

I found my theme in that box of stuff that I asked my parents to throw away. I’m glad they kept it. Some of the things I had written about came true in m life. The one thing that really stuck out was I wanted to be a radio broadcaster. My first full-time job was as a radio announcer but I eventually took up a different career. I enjoyed the work but circumstances demanded I do something else.

This entry on a course I charted long ago reminded me that I had not completed it. It came to me that this was something I wanted to do again. Now I have produced a short radio program for years. I enjoy it but wanted the live, on-air experience. I also wanted to share my love, knowledge and opinion of classic country music.

All of this background has lead up to one thing-I am on the radio again. I decided to volunteer to take a shift at the local college radio station, Pioneer 90.1 FM. This past Sunday morning, I took a one hour shift and really enjoyed it. I even interviewed my brother Dave as a little surprise. I liked it so much that I took a regular shift every Sunday afternoon from 2-5 pm. I haven’t done a full shift since about 1989 so I think it will take a bit to get in the swing but it will happen eventually.

In my pocket, I have a list of things upon which I always want to focus. It is a simple list of day to day goals and isn’t a bucket list. The one item on the list however is “do more radio work.” I guess I can cross that one off. I will see you on the radio.

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