Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

The cattle are gone, Dave. I graduated another class of Red Angus this month when they all went to their home farm. I take care of this group from the beginning of pasture season until winter makes its’ presence known to all who live here. It takes a little load off my shoulders but the farm seems pretty quiet without cattle here. The birds, rabbits and squirrels are fun but not the same as cows and calves that expect something from me. Anyway, there’s always next year.

I did establish a pretty close relationship with one calf this year, Dave. “176” got sick and was bound and determined to explore the afterlife but the veterinarian and I had other plans. We spent two weeks giving him fluids, antibiotics plus watering and feeding him by hand. That effort brought the calf and I close together and proves my theory that you should learn to enjoy the hard things in life because those experiences are the DNA of most good memories.

I think some people know that you and I have been working on a radio show together. Each Sunday afternoon, you and I have been broadcasting an interview as part of the Rural Reflections Classic Country show on the local college station. Our interviews have been a real highlight to my week and people like hearing us talk about the real things in life. Anyway, thanks for your time and good conversation.

I always like to think of additions to our place as investments. Our most recent investment has been bird feeders. The return on this investment might be more ethereal than financial however feeding birds does bring joy. It also brings work. I have a friend who’s father always told him that you should “never buy yourself work.” I guess that is what we have done here, Dave. It takes a fair amount of effort to feed the nice variety of birds and animals that visit our little game preserve. I buy cattle feed in 50 pound sacks for all ground feeders like rabbits, turkeys and occasional raccoons who suffer from insomnia. Cattle feed is less expensive than bird food and has good calories so I don’t mind wasting a little when I feed it on the ground.

Thanksgiving is soon here, Dave. I think if a person gives thanks only once a year then they are running at a 364 day deficit. Honestly, Thanksgiving is just the starting line for Christmas in my mind. I would celebrate Christmas year-round if given a chance. It’s just my favorite time of the year.

Dave, I need a new hobby. I usually build things in the shop during the winter but wanted to try something different in 2018. I used to latch-hook when I was a kid but I have no interest in revisiting that activity. I have considered making candy, making beer, crocheting or building model airplanes. I like a little busy-work during the winter. I guess we’ll see what happens in January. Tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving.

Your little bro’

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